Revisiting Tawi Tawi's Wonderful Sights and Culture

July 26, 2022


The recent maiden Philippine Airlines flights to Tawi-Tawi from Cotabato City paved the way for myself to explore the country’s southernmost province once again. I remember when I first went here, I met a slew of curious queries about safety when traveling to Tawi-Tawi. As we all remember, this province once hogged the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Cathy Maminta
Panampangan Island

Standing Again on the Shoulders of Gigantes Islands | Iloilo

July 22, 2022


Sir Isaac Newton once said, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants". As a metaphor, it implies using the ideas of thinkers who came before us to advance our own intellectual progress. Nevertheless, when I found myself exploring Islas de Gigantes for the second time and had the opportunity to stand on its slopes and take in more of its magnificent scenery, I was reminded of the phrase. This time, to simply immerse in its beauty further. 

Heidi Manabat
It's a nice day for island hopping

Swimming with the Butandings Plus More Fun in Sorsogon

July 20, 2022


Whenever one thinks of Sorsogon, the gentle giant whale sharks of Donsol first comes to mind. However, upon further exploration, you will learn that the province offers a plethora of delights that include beautiful beaches, heritage towns and other natural gems comprising of waterfalls, quaint lakes, firefly-laden rivers and sleepy volcanoes. From the rich flora and fauna, colorful culture and traditions, plateful of delicious local cuisines, and to everything that ticks every intrepid traveler's check list, it’s no wonder each time a visitor departs Sorsogon, heaps of memorable experiences are left behind.

Marky Ramone Go
Channeling Chris McCandless at Pili Haven - a farm and accommodation property in Irosin, Sorsogon

Magalawa Island | Zambales: A Beautiful Sunburnt Morning

July 17, 2022


“So near, yet so far”, I thought to myself as I stare at the island known as Potipot from where I was standing in Isla Vista Beach Resort. “It is still closed to visitors”, the manager told me. Ever since the world re-emerged from the clamps of the pandemic, resort owners in Candelaria, Zambales, have been clamoring for the reopening of Potipot.

Kristina Hamdorf
Approaching Magalawa Island

Where to Stay in Tagaytay | Taal Vista Hotel

July 11, 2022


Despite an increasing number of hip Airbnb’s and trendy boutique hotels rising up in Tagaytay, one hotel still remains as one of my favorites. The historic Taal Vista Hotel, a hospitality institution where some of the country’s who’s who of yesteryears have stayed before, is where I love finding myself whenever given a chance to spend a few nights in this cool weather place.

Karla Ramos
The signature Taal Vista view and Karla of Karla Around the World