Where to Stay in Tagaytay | Taal Vista Hotel


Despite an increasing number of hip Airbnb’s and trendy boutique hotels rising up in Tagaytay, one hotel still remains as one of my favorites. The historic Taal Vista Hotel, a hospitality institution where some of the country’s who’s who of yesteryears have stayed before, is where I love finding myself whenever given a chance to spend a few nights in this cool weather place.

Karla Ramos
The signature Taal Vista view and Karla of Karla Around the World

Around a year and a half after its last major eruption, I returned to Tagaytay with a few close friends for another relaxing long weekend getaway. Being my third time here, it was indeed an added charm. I still have fond remembrances of my first Taal Vista stay several years back with my then girlfriend and on another occasion with a handful of travel writer friends. After a string of rewarding but draining travel writing assignments, I was more than ready to unwind and delight in the cozy atmosphere and delectable food offerings of the place.

Anne Gumiran
Cozy spots abounds all over Taal Vista

I figured, I needed to kick back and not worry about writing a story for a change. And relaxed and soaked in Tagaytay's quaint mood is what I did for two nights and three days.

A Hallway with Stories to Tell

Before I tell you about my room, a Premier one that comes with a balcony and an unimpeded view of Taal Volcano, I want to acknowledge the museum-like feature of Taal Vista.

Celine Arenillo
Guests can also learn about the history of Taal Vista as well.

Many interesting stories about the hotel's history since its construction in 1939 — after President Manuel Quezon encouraged investors to develop Tagaytay as a tourist destination in 1935 — can be learned from the framed photographs, paintings, and newspaper clippings that line the hallway connecting the hotel's two lobbies.

Ayi Del Rosario
Stunning vista

If you would like to hear these tales, Taal Vista can provide a guide who will gladly tour you around the property. Sheen, our young lady guide who is also part of the hotel’s marketing staff, seemed well-versed in telling us the rich and fascinating history of Taal Vista.

Hannah Aldeguer
Love the scenery and the cool wind here

Going through the visual display and by listening to Sheen, we learned that Taal Vista served as an officer's barracks for the Japanese soldiers during WWII and that numerous world leaders and even their wives such as US first lady Lady Bird Johnson and other Southeast Asian first ladies when they gathered in Taal Vista for the 1966 Manila Conference on the Vietnam Conflict.

Audrey Trinidad
Taal Vista also maintain a garden where they source some of their fresh ingredients

A painting depicting the story of how the town of Tagaytay got its name is sure to get a few laughs from visitors, as the young child in the painting looks remarkably like the late comedian Mahal. According to Sheen, that reference doesn’t escape from the observation of most guests.

A Room with a View of Taal

I also stayed in this same room that opens to a wonderful scene of the volcano during my first stay here in 2015. Nevertheless, the breathtaking imagery I see when I step out to the balcony never gets old.

Bim Mauricio
One of my favorite hotel rooms because of the view

Having everything I want in a hotel room; a spacious king sized bed, flat screen TV, a working desk, minibar refrigerator, and a couch, my Premier room is easily my favorite in Taal Vista Hotel.

Erika Garcia
Winning welcome gift

I would have stayed in my room all throughout if only not for Karla and Tina’s plea for us to explore the surrounding such as the adjacent Sky Ranch Park.

Foodtripping on the Ridge

Most people go to Tagaytay to indulge in culinary delights especially on restaurants located on the ridge part so as to enjoy both a fine meal and the spectacular view of Taal Volcano.

Anne Gumiran
Glam picnic on the ridge with Karla, Tina and Anne.

In Taal Vista, there’s no need to go far as inside the property are must-try’s in-house dining places namely: Taza Fresh Table, Lobby Lounge and Veranda. To top it all, they also set-up a glam picnic spot complete with charcuterie pleasures perfect for sunset.

Anne Gumiran
Appetite for satisfaction

To sum it up, we experienced all their dining offerings.  For lunch and dinner, we satisfied our gastronomic whims by taking turns at the extensive choice of the buffet and the well curated ala carte menu of the casual all-day dining Veranda Restaurant.

Anne Gumiran and Karla Ramos
Just us things

Come breakfast at Taza Fresh Table, we fueled up for the day with dishes with the freshest ingredients sourced from the property's vegetable garden and from carefully selected local suppliers.

Aisa Ipac
Drinks, anyone?

On our second afternoon, we occupied one of the Instagrammable white dome as we await for the glow of the sunset light up the Taal Volcano magically over wine and delectable bites from an assortment of food served on a charcuterie board.

Karla Ramos
Always a willing photo subject

By nighttime, we would be downing shots of cocktails at the Lobby Lounge as a live performer belts out jazzy tunes and swinging ballads. For three days, our stay were completed with laughter, story-telling, good food, a little bit of history, more delicious food, hard hitting drinks, fancy glam picnic, restful sleep and then some.

Sue Prado
The Lobby Lounge

I guess that’s the kind of immersive experience and pampering experience that Taal Vista has been known to offer to their guests for many decades now. No wonder when one asks about “Where to stay in Tagaytay?”, the resounding answer would be, “Taal Vista Hotel”. I second that suggestion in a heartbeat.