Kolkata: The Grand Marble Structure of Victoria Memorial Hall

January 21, 2015

Escaping the overpowering energy of Kolkata's streets, we followed the distant sight of the towering dome and statues that lead us to a quiet spot dominated by the sheer grandeur of this grand marble structure, known as the Victoria Memorial Hall. Dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria, this impressive edifice started construction in 1906 and opened to the public in 1921 and now remains as one of the ostentatious remains of the British rule. Today it is one of the city's tourist attraction with a museum that houses historical artifacts of the Victorian era. 


Where to Stay in Laoag City: Balay da Blas Pension House

January 08, 2015
Balay da Blas showcases a bipolar architecture character by blending the antiquated era of traditional Ilocano interiors with an expansion wing that houses all modern aesthetics. Coming from an enjoyable stay at the rustic and charming Villa Angela in Vigan City, we keep up with the throwback vibe by asking the caretakers for a similar lodging evoking a similar feel. We were then pointed to this pleasant 13-room bed and breakfast right at the heart of Laoag City. 

Balay da Blas © nomadicexperiences.com