Malcapuya Island: Coron, Palawan

September 03, 2009

During our second day of island hopping in Coron, we sailed to Malcapuya Island located about an hour and a half away from the main town. We arrived there at around 10:00 AM giving us more than enough time to explore the island. My favorite part, aside from the long stretch of shoreline covered with fine white sands, was the viewing deck perched atop a 50-foot hill, wherein you’ll see the surrounding view of the island.

Jill Munion

Kayangan Lake: Coron, Palawan

September 01, 2009

Kayangan Lake situated in Coron Island north of Palawan is said to be among the cleanest lakes in Asia. Surrounded by rocky mountains and lush green trees, it paints an image  one used to seeing only in postcards and movies. If you're expecting the best the great outdoors can offer, then you cannot be more correct to get it here. Climbing the hiking trails leading to Kayangan lake already gift you with a jaw-dropping view of the Calamianes archipelago.

Ria Jose