Kayangan Lake: Coron, Palawan

Kayangan Lake situated in Coron Island north of Palawan is said to be among the cleanest lakes in Asia. Surrounded by rocky mountains and lush green trees, it paints an image  one used to seeing only in postcards and movies. If you're expecting the best the great outdoors can offer, then you cannot be more correct to get it here. Climbing the hiking trails leading to Kayangan lake already gift you with a jaw-dropping view of the Calamianes archipelago.

Ria Jose

The first stop on our Day 1 of Island hopping tout around Coron and the Calamian group of islands is Kayangan lake. After a 30-minute boat ride we reached an entrance separated by two islands where further ahead is where the lake is hidden. I saw other boats neatly docked over a fusion of green and blue waters near the stilt nipa huts rooted quietly on the side of the island.

Desa Tayting

Going to the lake, you’ll have to climb about 50 steps wherein you will pass by an opening to a small cave and opposite of the cave upon turning your head around, you will see the magnificent view of Coron cove.

Jill Munion

The view deck is what its called, and past that is all downward  for about 30 more steps until you reach the lake itself. The moment I caught a glimpse of it, I instantly fell in a state of awe asking myself “Why am I seeing this just now?” I offered a silent prayer thanking my good karma for finally bringing me here. It was a dream setting coming to life with the whole Kayangan lake laid out in front of me as if saying “welcome to paradise”.

Kayangan Lake

The lake's water is very deep, and unless you’re Michael Phelps, I suggest you wear a life vest to go along with a snorkeling gear to be able to enjoy your swim. The water — which is a mixture of salt and fresh water — is so crystal clear you'll have at least 10 meter visibility. 

Marianne Londres and Marky Ramone Go

If only there's a way to stay there for a day, couple of days or more, I'd definitely entertain the idea. Our guide told us that further ahead of the lake, a Japanese WWII submarine wreckage can be seen by scuba divers. Another reason to come back perhaps as a trained diver. But with or without a submarine wreckage, the place itself is more than a great reason for me to start planning a return trip.

Ria Jose

Till next time Kayangan Lake. I will be back.