Coron, Palawan: Chasing Beaches

We spent 2 days island hopping in Coron, Palawan around the Calamian group of islands. This included a trip to paradise-like Kayangan Lake and went snorkeling in coral laden areas like Siete Picados — an area surrounded by 7 small rocky islands — and around it are some of the best snorkeling sites in the world where. The vibrant corals and fishes of different colors are clearly visible through the crystal clear waters.

Levy Amosin

Twin peaks — similar to Siete Picados — is another snorkeling area between two small islands. It quickly goes from shallow to deep waters hiding a dynamic collection of coral reefs which can be clearly seen altogether with the different kinds of fish and other sea creatures. Our exploration went throughout the whole morning. Afterward, we had lunch at Atwayan beach, located on another island in the region.

Ria Jose

It seems like everywhere you go around Coron one can easily spot a picturesque sight. Atwayan beach is no different thanks to its ultra clear blue waters surrounded by greens, coconut trees, nipa huts by the shore. It makes you want to jump right in to the water to enjoy a leisurely swim. After we settled on a small nipa hut, we feasted on grilled fish, pork adobo with tomatoes and rice.

Ria Jose

Next on our list is another island known as CYC beach or the Coron Youth Club. It has white sands, clear waters and amazing views. Looks familiar? what’s new on this part of the Philippines? I wonder aloud, reminding myself to expect being awed at what I will see next.

Jill Munion

We went for a short swim, took pictures including jumping poses, which I thought to be a silly thing to do before. Still thinks its silly now, but who cares anyway.

Mujee Gonzales

Then after CYC beach, we headed to the twin lagoon. It is another spot laden with wonderful underwater scenery. Too bad, we didn't have an underwater camera. It is called Twin lagoon because it is where the sea water and the fresh water coming from a lake meets. It is divided by a tall rocky wall where one has to climb during high tide or swim below an arching wall during low tide, towards the other lagoon where the fresh water flows.

There were many visitors aside from us at Twin Lagoon, it was an awesome sight looking at scores of people wearing orange life jackets illuminating against the sunlight and the crystal clear lake. Looking underwater ahead, one can see sets of feet kicking against clear deep blue waters.

Marianne Tagaca

Over-all it was a wonderful memory that will provide me with beautiful images to light up my desire to travel more, thus giving me more reasons to come back in the future.

The next day, we went to Malcapuya Island.