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Maquinit Hot Springs, Coron, Palawan

Another place one should visit while in Coron, Palawan is the Maquinit Hot Springs. It is located in the hillside part of Coron, about 25 minutes from the town center. Visitors will be enchanted by a pool filled with salt water coming from the bottom of the nearby mountain. It is said to come from an underground volcano thus explaining why the water’s temperature ranges from 38-40 degree Celsius.

Mia Panlilio

I felt the heat right away during my first dip. After a few minutes though once my body settled into a groove with the temperature, it became very relaxing. Swimming or just dipping your whole body into the hot spring brings a dose of therapy to your aching muscles, tired joints and near wrecked bones.

Mujee Gonzales

Around the hot pool, anyone will be equally enthralled by the mangroves found nearby where the hot spring eventually meet the sea water. Thick stems from trees rise out of the ground forming figures that produces varied figures in your imagination. 

Winsette Domingo

After arriving at Busuanga Airport, we went straight to our lodge and settled in our room and rested for about 25 minutes before heading out to Maquinit Hot Springs. We thought we were rushing things but it turns out going for a swim there after a long trip actually did wonders to our body as it soothed and relaxed our muscles. Just do remember to get out of the hot spring once in a while as a prolonged stay under hot water can produce a bit of dizzy spell, but all things considered it is actually great for the body.

Ria Jose

Everything seems right in place, the location of the pool, the mangroves even the scenic view around the area all conspired to make this a very unique place.

It was so good, that we went back Sunday night for a bit of night swimming. And I don’t mind coming back again sometime in the near future. How I wish there's a hot spring like Maquinit near our house.