Bullets over Busuanga, Palawan

August 20, 2009: we flew aboard a Cebu Pacific propeller plane to Busuanga, Palawan planning to explore not only Coron town but a good part of the Calamian Group of Islands. The place is about an hour of flight time from Manila. I was barely keeping myself awake when I heard the plane’s captain telling us that we’re about to land at Busuanga airport. I looked out the window and saw these beautiful island formations surrounded by blue waters, white shorelines and reefs. “Putang ina ang ganda” was all I can mutter to myself.

Marianne Londres

Waves of excitement went through my body while I try to envision what will happen. Places I will see and experience in the next 4 days. It’s given that among those group of islands hides some of the finest beaches, coves and canyons, lakes, coral reefs, that will leave a bloke like me breathless in awe.

I actually been wanting for the longest time, to pack my backpack and head towards Palawan. Busuanga, where the Calamian group of islands are located (which includes Coron town) is located within the northern point of Palawan and the nearest to mainland Mindoro. But I’m sure this will be just a start of my Palawan sojourn, as I’m pretty sure Puerto Princesa is just there awaiting my itchy feet and curious mind. But that’s for another planning and saving up to do.

The flight attendant was wrapping up the “give me a” game, but I didn’t really paid any attention as my concentration was firmly focused on the view outside the plane.

Mujee Gonzales

I was glad to have a quiet time on my seat beside the plane's window enjoying the moment and feeling content that I can live a simple life  in order for me to be able to afford such joys of traveling.