Nature & Chill at Glamping, Etc. in Cavinti | Laguna

February 14, 2021

After spending much of the Covid-ravaged year socially distancing myself from other people and the great outdoors, I welcomed the spontaneity to experience nature once again when I received an invitation from an old friend. “Hi Marky, are you free this Sunday to Tuesday?” Jackie wrote to me on messenger. “I’m going to Cavinti. I was going solo, but the place is kind off the grid so maybe I shouldn't go alone. Would you like to come?” she wrote on a follow-up message that reached my inbox just as I was about to reply “Yes”—even without knowing the details yet. 

Sandra Santiago

8 Photographs that illustrate why I love Bagan | Myanmar

February 03, 2021


As a traveler, I strive to take trips to locations I've never been before. This rule, nevertheless, comes with a few exceptions. Bagan, Myanmar, was one of the places I returned to sooner than I expected. After my first trip there in March 2013, I always felt like I had unfinished business when I returned home. This is why, exactly three years later, I set out on another journey to this ancient city. This time around, I arrived as a lone tourist armed with more days exploring this historic city teeming with centuries-old temples and pagodas.

Kate Alvarez

A Cycling Tour and a Kababayan Encounter in Mandalay | Myanmar

February 02, 2021


Mandalay was a place I regretted not seeing during my first visit to Myanmar in 2013 with friends. Things were different during my return trip in 2016, when additional days worked on my side. After almost a week of exploring the vast plains of Bagan aboard an e-motorcycle, I made the half day land trip to the former royal capital of Myanmar.

Dizzy and tired from the sleeper bus journey, I relaxed for a few minutes at my fine accommodation—the Hotel by the Red Canal—before setting out to explore the food scene of the city.

Koryn Iledan