Hagimit Falls, Samal Island in Davao

May 31, 2009
Before we left Samal Island from Chemas by the Sea, we took time out to drop by Hagimit Falls, a place I came across online when i was still researching for places to go in Samal Island. It was the day of the Manny Pacquiao fight with Ricky Hatton, it was hard missing the fight on TV, but I can always watch the replay. Since, we’re in a beautiful island such as Samal, I cannot ditch the chance of visiting Hagimit Falls--not even for a Pac-man fight.

So after a 30 minute “Habal-Habal”  ride from Chemas we arrived at the jump-off place to the waterfalls. After a 7-minute hike, we reached the first series of waterfalls. Eager for news at who won the fight, I checked my phone for SMS updates. There was no signal available from Globe. Hearing the streaming water, my anxiety at who won disappeared and excitement overcome me. 

White Water Rafting at Davao River

May 07, 2009
I always want to try river rafting, especially the one at Cagayan De Oro, the premier river rafting location in the Philippines (which Lot had already tried before). But since Davao has a 13 kilometer River that also boasts some decent rapids, I was glad to be able to experience it there.

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