Hagimit Falls, Samal Island in Davao

May 31, 2009
Before we left Samal Island from the resort that we stayed in “Chemas by the Sea” we took time out to drop by Hagimit Falls, a place i come across online when i was still researching for places to go at Samal Island.

It was the day of the Manny Pacquiao fight with Ricky Hatton, it was hard for me to miss the fight on TV, but i can always watch the replay of that punch that eventually flattens the hitman. But since we’re at Samal I cannot miss ditching the chance to visit Hagimit Falls, not even for a Pac-man fight.

So after a 30 minute “Habal-Habal”  ride from Chemas we arrived at the place (where you’ll start a 5 minute trek), eager for news at who won the fight I checked my phone for SMS updates, no signal available for Globe, It didn’t matter because I can already hear the water flowing in the nearby river.


There are many people by the falls, which consists of numerous medium sized falls, some about 6 feet high to 3 feet high forming different variations of fresh water pool.


We chose a place with few people, many are there for a day’s swim, having a picnic, playing guitars while some are taking pictures like what i intend to do, plus swim and hope it’s not that deep alright. The water was a bit colder than usual, but once you’ve dipped your whole body the temperature becomes bearable.


I’ve been to a number of waterfalls in the past, especially during my UST Mountaineering days, this one at Hagimit belongs to the best that i’ve been to. The water aint deep, the current not that strong, it’s easy to go around as the rocks are not that slippery. I saw some families with little kids in tow, some are even brave enough to dive into the water. Something I will probably never do, since I had this fear of hitting my head on some rock underwater. Anyway that’s another fear to conquer someday.


Anyway we stayed there for an hour, enough to enjoy the place before we make a run back to Davao City.

I look naked here hehe
I look naked here hehe

After a brief rest, we headed back to the bus terminal at Penaplata for a bus that will take us back to Davao City (bus-barge-bus). And of course it was at this time that my friend texted me about Pacquiao’s victory. Thus the semi-smile on my face.

Arriving In Dubai By Air

May 30, 2009
For almost 40 million travelers every year, Dubai is an essential stop on a journey between Europe and the Orient. Unlike most other areas of the Middle East, Dubai can be thought of as a luxury destination. Arriving there for the first time is indisputably an experience, but whether it turns out to be a good one or a bad one depends very much on your expectations and how well prepared you are.

Essential knowledge
Dubai is part of the UAE, and while it's a lot more relaxed there than in the surrounding countries, you should still bear in mind that it's a Muslim country with strict religious and moral values. As such you should avoid doing or possessing anything that might cause religious or moral offense.

Zipline @ Camp Sabros – Digos City, Davao Del Sur

May 25, 2009
We arrived at the Davao International Airport from Manila at about 6am Friday Morning. With no time for a brief rest we hailed a cab to Ecoland bus terminal where buses going to other cities like General Santos, Cagayan De Oro, Koronadal and Bukidnon can be found.

We took a bus bound for General Santos City that will pass by Digos City, where Camp Sabros is located. (specifically Kapatagan, Digos City). We got off at the Digos Bus Terminal after an hour and a half then took a trike for 15 minutes to the “Habal Habal” terminal.

“Habal-Habal is a form of transportation (a customized motorcycle that can sit 2-3 passengers) that usually found in mountainous and secluded places in Visayas and Mindanao..It is also known to some as “Skylab”.

White Water Rafting at Davao River

May 07, 2009
I always want to try river rafting, especially the one at Cagayan De Oro, the premier river rafting location in the Philippines (which Lot had already tried before). But since Davao has a 13 kilometer River that also boasts some decent rapids, I was glad to be able to experience it there.


The river rafting wasn’t really part of our itinerary, on our last day in Davao (Monday) we thought we could just do simple touring and try to stay away from tiring activities we did the previous days. But as we arrived at the Crocodile Park we saw a group of people huddled together being lectured by one of the rafting guides, for us it was an opportunity to add on to our Davao experience.


We paid the fee, 2k for each person, sounds expensive but after you go through the whole ordeal im pretty sure it’ll be very much worth it. I mean i told myself, these are the reasons why i save money, why i work so i can able to afford these kind of undertakings, it was sort of a reward for living life not grandiosely but in a simple yet exciting way.


It was really safe, you get to wear a life jacket, learn the proper position so you can easily float along the water current, we get to experience doing that by just letting the river current carry our body and of course riding the raft as it approach numerous rapids, which seems pretty good since it rained in Davao the previous week.


Anyway the whole river rafting took us more or less 4-5 hours with lunch break in between and photo ops courtesy of one of the guides who was in a single raft, rafting over us and waiting for us to pass some trickery rapids for him to start shooting pictures. Our guide Patrick was game enough to crack jokes in between.


My arms were weary afterwards, since i was the only male in the raft i had to – you know show them how strong my arms were hehe, but body pains, river water inside my lungs, learning and then panicking a bit while floating along the current, fear of deep water and all, it was a worthwhile experience.


And this, is one of the reason why I’ll definitely come back to Davao next year, hopefully with more friends in tow to share the experience with.

Around Davao City

May 06, 2009
Day 4 of our Davao Trip

A brief recap:
Day 1: Camp Sabros at Digos City (about 50 kilometers from Davao City)

Day 2 and 3: Samal Island: ( Chemas by the Sea and Hagimit Falls )

Coming from Samal Island we took a bus (that will be ferried by a barge ) to Davao City. We tried checking in at the Ponce Suites as it was recommended by a friend and popular for its art exhibits displayed all over the lobby of the place, but upon arriving there we found out that its already fullybooked so we settled to a nearby cheap hotel.

After having a fine cabin at Camp Sabros with a wonderful view of Mt. Apo and an equally nice accomodation at Samal Island, our room here offers a view of *drum roll* hollow blocks. Yes, the window was blocked by a cement wall, well we can’t complain as we can only afford budget rooms this part of our trip.

Cheap hotel we stayed in at the background
Cheap hotel we stayed in at the background

Upon arriving we had a hearty late lunch at Ahfat (a Chinese Seafood Restaurant), after that we just walked around the vicinity and prepared for our last day in Davao the next day (which we eventually spent River Rafting at the Davao River).


The next day we went to crocodile Park where the orientation of those who will join the River Rafting takes place.

Erap and Mike Arroyo
Erap and Mike Arroyo

During the night we dropped by Aldevinco shopping center, famous for its rows of souvernir, handicraft and antique stores, to buy some “Pasalubongs” and souvernir items.


Afterward, we went to Jack’s Ridge, a place set up high that offers a view of Davao City. It has many restaurants and kind of reminds you of Antipolo and Tagaytay. We had dinner with Kat (who, i first met online in Multiply) and her friends.



It was a great 5 days spent at Davao province, seems like there’s more to do but very little time. Hope I can get back soon and try to visit the places i missed next time.