Hagimit Falls, Samal Island in Davao

Before we left Samal Island from Chemas by the Sea, we took time out to drop by Hagimit Falls, a place I came across online when i was still researching for places to go in Samal Island. It was the day of the Manny Pacquiao fight with Ricky Hatton, it was hard missing the fight on TV, but I can always watch the replay. Since, we’re in a beautiful island such as Samal, I cannot ditch the chance of visiting Hagimit Falls--not even for a Pac-man fight.

So after a 30 minute “Habal-Habal”  ride from Chemas we arrived at the jump-off place to the waterfalls. After a 7-minute hike, we reached the first series of waterfalls. Eager for news at who won the fight, I checked my phone for SMS updates. There was no signal available from Globe. Hearing the streaming water, my anxiety at who won disappeared and excitement overcome me. 

There were many people swimming in the falls, which consists of numerous cascades ranging from 6 feet to 3 feet deep, forming different shapes of natural pool.

We picked a spot with few people around. The crowd all seem to be enjoying a day of swimming and picnic with friends and families. Wasting no time, me and Marianne jumped into the crystal clear water. It was a bit colder than usual, but once you’ve dipped your whole body the temperature becomes bearable.

I’ve been to few waterfalls in the past, especially during my UST Mountaineering days, but this one at Hagimit easily becomes one of the best that I've been to. With manageable water levels and a steady current, it’s easy to swim around and even explore since the rocks are not that slippery. I saw some families with little kids in tow, some are even brave enough to dive into the water. Something I will probably never do, since I had this fear of hitting my head on some rock underwater. Anyway that’s another fear to conquer someday.

Anyway we stayed there for an hour, enough to enjoy the place before we make a run back to Davao City.

After a brief rest, we headed back to the bus terminal at Penaplata for a bus that will take us back to Davao City (bus-barge-bus). And of course it was at this time that my friend texted me about Pacquiao’s victory. Thus the semi-smile on my face.