Zipline @ Camp Sabros – Digos City, Davao Del Sur

We arrived at the Davao International Airport from Manila at about 6am Friday Morning. With no time for a brief rest we hailed a cab to Ecoland bus terminal where buses going to other cities like General Santos, Cagayan De Oro, Koronadal and Bukidnon can be found.

Marianne Londres

We took a bus bound for General Santos City that will pass by Digos City, where Camp Sabros is located. (specifically Kapatagan, Digos City). We got off at the Digos Bus Terminal after an hour and a half then took a trike for 15 minutes to the “Habal Habal” terminal.

“Habal-Habal is a form of transportation (a customized motorcycle that can sit 2-3 passengers) that usually found in mountainous and secluded places in Visayas and Mindanao..It is also known to some as “Skylab”.

Me and my girlfriend Marianne found ourselves sitting at the back of the motorcycle driver careening madly through rough and dirt road on the way up to Camp Sabros. After almost an hour of feeling like we were inside a salt shaker, we arrived at our destination, not exactly as we hiked a few distance more (700 meters) to the place itself.

We took a cabin that offers a wonderful view of Mt. Apo and people riding the zipline.

At Camp Sabros you can take a total of 6 ziplines:

Marky Ramone Go with Marianne Londres

The 380 meters where you can pair up with someone, me and Marianne paired up together in this one. This one offers a scenic route along the way.

The other one is the 400 meters from another vantage point. We wanted to get done with all the zipline, but we realized we were starving so after a hearty lunch, brief rest and emo moment;

Marky Ramone Go with Marianne Londres

We tried the treetop zip. It’s a vertical zipride to a tall tree about 40-50 feet high, wherein you could rappel in both descending and ascending then another vertical zip to the other end, where a pick up truck awaits to take you to the ultimate zipline, the 800 meters. We saved the best for last.
Ria Jose

It was a great experience though, and SAFE. It’s a bit scary at first but with all the harness supported by steel cables and all, i don’t see anybody becoming unsafe doing this activity.

Ria Jose

The cabin we got was good for 1,500 a night, not that expensive, considering it comes with a clean bathroom with a bathtub, a veranda with a wonderful view. The fee for the zipline is 700 pesos each for all (380m, 400m, treetop and the 800 m plus the cable ride).

Farm house of Duterte

Habal – Habal ride was like 500 roundtrip for two. (Kapatagan – Camp Sabros and back – “pwede pa sundo next day”) Bus from Ecoland to Digos City = 40 pesos one way.
There, I hope i’ve proven a help to those planning or budgeting a trip to Camp Sabros.