Discovering Caraga’s Bounteous Nature Sights and Fascinating Culture| Davao Oriental

January 31, 2024


When I signed up for this trip, I expected to explore the Caraga region that includes the five provinces of the Sur and Norte parts of Surigao and Agusan, as well as Dinagat Island. Little did I know that in the province of Davao Oriental, there is a municipality also called Caraga that claims its name from the word kalagan, which in native language refers to a "spirited person.”

Fen Valentino
A typical shoreline in Caraga. 

Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort (SETIR) Expands with Maldives-Inspired Salepan Villas | Palawan

January 16, 2024


A few years ago, when typhoon Odette pummeled southern Philippines but luckily spared parts of Northern Palawan, we found a pleasant refuge and downtime at Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort (SETIR) on Culion Island during the tail end of our Coron, Palawan trip. We eventually made it to Culion after two days of island hopping and getting holed up in another Sunlight property in Coron town hotel while weathering the storm.

Mishi Magno
The new Salepan Villas of SETIR numbers around 30

Manaslu Circuit Trek Day by Day Travel Guide | Nepal

January 10, 2024


The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a stunning journey around the world's eighth highest peak, Mount Manaslu (8,156 meters), located in the remote Manaslu region of Nepal. The trail traverses a diverse range of landscapes, from lush green valleys and terraced fields to rugged terrain, alpine meadows, and high mountain Larke passes. You'll be treated to breathtaking vistas of snow-capped peaks, including Manaslu itself, as well as Himalchuli, Ngadi Chuli (known as Peak 29), and Ganesh Himal. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you plan your adventure:

Nomadic Experiences contributor Arianne Andia shares her Manaslu Circuit Trek travel guide

7 Expert Tips to Preserve Your Travel Memories for a Lifetime

January 07, 2024


Traveling is more than just visiting new destinations; it's about collecting moments that linger in our hearts long after the journey ends. While the allure of exotic locales and thrilling adventures often dominates our travel aspirations, the memories we create along the way are the true treasures of exploration. However, in the hustle and bustle of globetrotting, these precious memories can easily slip through the cracks of our minds, fading into obscurity over time. That's where the art of preserving travel memories comes into play—a craft that ensures these invaluable moments remain vivid and tangible for years to come.


Exploring Vietnam's Border Town: A Day Trip to China

January 02, 2024


Introduction: Nestled in the northern reaches of Vietnam lies a fascinating border town that serves as a gateway between two distinct cultures – Vietnam and China. This town, with its rich history, vibrant markets, and unique blend of traditions, offers travelers an unforgettable experience. In this article, we will delve into the charm of Vietnam's border town and explore the possibilities of a day trip to China, immersing ourselves in the cultural tapestry woven by these two neighboring nations.

A shop located in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hoi An