7 Reasons Why You Should Witness the Panaad so Negros Festival Next Year

June 04, 2018

Festivals or Fiestas have become a major part of life in the many provinces of the Philippines. These revelries not only showcases local traditions, it also provides an avenue for local residents to display their skills in cultural performances. Festivals also bind together; residents and visitors from all corners of the world, to join in the celebration of life and promotion of local culture. The Panaad sa Negros – which started in 1993, is one such festival that should be witnessed by everyone.

Panaad so Negros

Adventure Cometh and Then Some, Beyond the Red Lights of Pattaya

June 01, 2018

Pattaya is one of those places that radiates an aura of mystique to travelers such as myself - who first learned about this resort city through tales of debauchery, mayhem and smut. It was - as suggested by my preconceived notion – as a place composed of organized chaos of neon lights, lavish adult clubs and endless cabaret shows that last through the morning.