Autumn Breaks at the UNESCO World Heritage Village of Shirakawa-go

January 24, 2016
With a couple of mornings already under my belt, my Japan experience continues to defy my expectations. Expecting to be greeted by towering skyscrapers that dots the skylines of Tokyo and other cities in this country of the rising sun, our trip so far, impresses me with endless postcard-like countryside scenery. Directing my gaze outside our bus window, I see the gleaming landscape in the process of changing hues  as the lush forests from the distance starts to adapt to the incoming autumn season. As a newbie traveler in Japan, I am also experiencing for the first time the forthcoming fall season.

Brilliant Ways to Travel Cheap

January 12, 2016

Take it from these masters of the road, 2016 is your year to travel  

Another year has come to pass and for most of us it was 365 days of backbreaking work and then some. While we look at it as a badge of honor in helping the country move forward, we also deserve that time off to indulge in a bit of travel. Doing so doesn’t necessarily mean burning all our hard earned money in one trip to the beach or some exotic location somewhere. If planned properly and guided accordingly, we could stretch our meager budget and still enjoy a memorable experience on the road. As the old adage says “There’s nothing travel cannot fix.” It is high time to recharge yourself in preparation for the challenges of the coming year. So start plotting your vacation leaves and be open to the idea of exploring new cultures, tasting new delicacies, meeting new people, and walking unfamiliar streets. But before that, read up on what these travel bloggers have to dish as they share some amazing ways to travel on a string budget.

6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System before Traveling

January 06, 2016

If you have an upcoming trip, getting the most out of your travels and being in the right frame of mind is important. Your health and wellbeing should be your top priority before you leave, so changing your diet and adding natural products and foods can help get you ready for your journey ahead. With that in mind, here are 6 things you can do to boost your immune system before traveling the world.

Using Flytpack Travel WiFi in Singapore and Malaysia

January 02, 2016

Fusing traveling and online work makes it a must for me to always connect to my email where much of my daily grind-related correspondence goes through. During my recent Cruise ship trip to Singapore and Malaysia aboard Star Cruises’ SuperStar Gemini I had no problem plugging myself online as the on-board WiFi worked well throughout our sea journey. 

However, during the times of our shore incursions in Singapore, Penang and Langkawi in Malaysia, I once again heeded the service of the ever-reliable Flytpack Travel WiFi. The same pocket-sized router I used in my recent Japan trip.

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Connectivity on the Road Made Possible by Flytpack Travel WiFi

January 02, 2016

Internet connectivity when on the road has become one of the must-haves of today’s legion of travelers. There are so many things you can do when you plug yourself to the World Wide Web, and among the many travel apps, one can instantly create travel plans on the go. Using Google Maps, consulting TripAdvisor and booking hotels through AirBnb, makes life on the road so much easier. Doing so though, can amount to a huge part of your travel budget. I still remember the outrageous bill that greeted me upon my arrival from Hanoi, Vietnam three years ago when I used my roaming connectivity to use the internet while traveling. 3,500 pesos for a few hundreds of data is just too much. 

Nomadic Experiences of 2015

January 02, 2016

I skipped writing a year-ender last year even though my 2014 was filled with travels - as it was the year I finally fulfilled my decade-long dream of visiting the country of India. Like hitting three birds with one stone, I also crossed out the location where Richard from Alex Garland’s “The Beach” discovered a secret spot.  A paradise on Earth indeed, but in real-life, is anything but deserted – crawling with tourists holding selfie sticks partaking in tourism’s sometimes unpleasant effect; the world renowned Maya Bay in Thailand. I also ventured into the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka where I counted five UNESCO World Heritage Sites situated within 5-6 hour train rides from each other. 2014 was also the year I thought I had found a lifelong travel companion.

Kerala Blog Express
Jump for joy: with Mica (Philippines) and Maria (Greece) during the #KeralaBlogExpressII (March 2015)