Using Flytpack Travel WiFi in Singapore and Malaysia

Fusing traveling and online work makes it a must for me to always connect to my email where much of my daily grind-related correspondence goes through. During my recent Cruise ship trip to Singapore and Malaysia aboard Star Cruises’ SuperStar Gemini I had no problem plugging myself online as the on-board WiFi worked well throughout our sea journey. 

However, during the times of our shore incursions in Singapore, Penang and Langkawi in Malaysia, I once again heeded the service of the ever-reliable Flytpack Travel WiFi. The same pocket-sized router I used in my recent Japan trip.

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No Hassle and Instant-Connection to Partner Local Networks

The great thing about this handy gadget is it can be pre-configured to automatically connect to partner local networks to the countries you will be traveling to. Before I made the trip to Singapore, I made arrangements with Flytpack detailing my travel plans. Once they shipped the travel router to me, the gadget is already programmed to connect to the local networks of Singapore and Malaysia – thus guaranteeing me a no hassle and quick connection once I arrived at these destinations. 

Flytpack’s Wide Coverage Allowed Me to Connect and Post Real Time Travel Updates

As a Freelance Writer, part of my work is to cover destinations for other travel websites as well. On this trip in particularly, I was tasked to write my Star Cruises luxury cruise experience for Pinay Travel Junkie. Among my tasks is to submit images to my editor for online postings at almost real-time intervals of two to three times a day. 

Shore Incursions into Penang and Langkawi, Malaysia

The moment we stepped out of the ship, the on-board WiFi was promptly replaced by my Flytpack Travel Router. Walking along the heritage boasting streets of Georgetown in Penang provided myself with heaps of materials to update travel readers. By instantly uploading a few images accompanied with informative captions, I quickly shared my travel experiences and the new knowledge I gathered about Penang to online readers. As part of this media tour sponsored by Star Cruises, the capabilities of Flytpack's Travel WiFi definitely played perfectly into my agenda. 

Check out the Instagram images I uploaded using Flytpack’s Travel WiFi Router:

And Back to Singapore

Hopping into another country – well in our case we sailed to two countries, isn’t a problem with Flytpack because the company does a great job of pre-configuring all the settings of their WiFi routers depending on a client's travel route, so each time you arrive at a new destination, it promptly connects to Flytpack’s local network partners. 

Happy Flytpack Travel WiFi User Once Again

In a span of one month I have used Flytpack Travel WiFi two times already. The first was during my 7-day trip to Japan last September and in both stints of using it, I am satisfied to the hilt. The speed is double or almost triple the connection swiftness of what we have here in the Philippines. This is because, Flytpack carefully chooses its network partners in the countries it covers, to ensure clients with an ultra-fast internet connection. 

Absolutely, positively I am again looking forward to using Flytpack's Travel WiFi on my future out of the country trips. 

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