Connectivity on the Road Made Possible by Flytpack Travel WiFi

Internet connectivity when on the road has become one of the must-haves of today’s legion of travelers. There are so many things you can do when you plug yourself to the World Wide Web, and among the many travel apps, one can instantly create travel plans on the go. Using Google Maps, consulting TripAdvisor and booking hotels through AirBnb, makes life on the road so much easier. Doing so though, can amount to a huge part of your travel budget. I still remember the outrageous bill that greeted me upon my arrival from Hanoi, Vietnam three years ago when I used my roaming connectivity to use the internet while traveling. 3,500 pesos for a few hundreds of data is just too much. 

Since then I tried buying local sims from the succeeding countries I visited; India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. While it is cheaper than turning 'on' the roaming features on your phone. The hassle of loading it up can prove to be a discomfort especially when you are in the middle of a long bus or train ride. 

Recently, I discovered that my local carrier; Smart Telecoms, instantly connect to its local network partner to other countries. Upping the convenience and prompt connectivity the moment you arrive in your destination abroad, the limitations of its 500MB data cap and 500 pesos a day is still something to be frowned upon. 

At Last! A Perfect Travel WiFi for This Traveler

Enter Flytpack Travel WiFi – and I quickly found the connectivity gadget I was looking for. 

“FLYTPACK Travel WiFi is a personal wireless modem that connects any WiFi-enabled devices to the internet with a secure network connection. Think of the WiFi you have at home, just smaller, in a pocket size version. You can connect your laptop, tablet and (or) mobile phone to the internet while you are travelling overseas, anytime, anywhere. It saves you from costly data roaming, WiFi hunting and loads of prepaid SIM card credits. FLYTPACK Travel WiFi is pre-configured and does not require any complex installation.
Using Flytpack Travel WiFi in Japan

During our recent trip to Osaka, Japan where I joined the Cebu Pacific Air’s media Familiarization Tour, I tested the capabilities of Flytpack and was astonished at how fast it connected to its local network partner in Japan the moment we landed at Kansai Airport. 

Already prefigured for connectivity, all I needed to do was turn it ‘On’ and connect it to my phone by entering the password and tada – I was able to update my friends and family back home with a simple “Touchdown Osaka” status on my Facebook.  

FLYTPACK as my Call-a-Friend On the Road

Costing less than 300 hundred pesos per day with a daily data cap of 1GB (even if you exceed it the speed almost never changes), it sure is the best deal I’ve ever seen in the market when it comes to availing internet connection abroad. Being connected online became sort of fallback in times of getting lost – which, in Japan happens a lot to travelers because of the vast and complex train system and language barrier. 

During our extended stay in Japan, thanks to Flytpack, we were able to score a cheap hostel when we arrived past 10:00 pm in Kyoto after a whole day of chasing UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nara. Under a heavy downpour and a threat of an incoming typhoon, we consulted with Google Map to locate a decent place to sleep at a very affordable rate. 

You will never worry about experiencing dead spots because it partners with the fastest local network in the country you are traveling to. This is the reason why we were able to plot our itinerary even from inside the train or bus.

And A Digital Nomad’s Best Friend

Because it tethers to the fast network of Japan, I was able to do some online work, which for freelance writers such as myself is an added bonus each time I am able to finish some tasks while on the road. Not only I remained connected throughout my 7-day trip to Japan, I was also able to earn additional funds for my future travels by using my Flytpack WiFi router for work during the night.


Flytpack’s ability to connect to 5 devices simultaneously will afford you to share connectivity to your friends. This makes travel planning on the go more exciting and efficient. The battery life was surprisingly long as I was able to use it all day only charging the Flytpack pocket WiFi at night before going to sleep. 

FLYTPACK Travel WiFi rental fee are so affordable
During our last day in Japan me and Gael stayed in Kyoto while another travel writer friend, Glenn stayed in Osaka. On the train heading to Kansai airport, Glenn was able to learn that we are riding the same train because his mobile phone instantly connected to my FLYTPACK WiFi Router – so we all ended up meeting again on the train. 

How Much is it to Rent a Flytpack Travel WiFi?

I made a mock booking at FLYTPACK’s website for a 5-day trip to Japan in November and the total fee totaled for only 1,440 pesos (288 pesos / day), plus the deposit of 2,800 pesos (which will be refunded to you 7-14 days after you return the WiFi Router) – the total amount to be slashed from your travel budget will only be 4,240 pesos. Ticking off the ‘Router Insurance’ will add 550 pesos to your bill. 

Picking up and returning the Router is made easy with the ‘Courier Delivery’ feature. Since, I had an errand at BGC the day before my trip I opted to pick up the device at their office. Otherwise, it would be more convenient for you to select the courier delivery for both pick-up and return method. 

*Router will be delivered within three days before departure date and will be collected 3 days after your arrival if you choose the courier method.

Payment through leading banks and Visa / Mastercard cards are accepted for online payments. 

Two Thumbs Up

Well first off, sayonara expensive roaming bill which took me 6 months to pay and ohayo more affordable and reliable FLYTPACK Travel WiFi. Taking advantage of technology on the road has never been this convenient and quick. Whether we were mapping out the places we want to visit, to choosing a highly recommended Ramen place, to finding a nice hostel, the connectivity I got from using FLYTPACK Travel WiFi has definitely exceeded my expectations. All of that without burning a hole in my pocket. 

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