Travel Bloggers as Influencers of Responsible Traveling?

August 20, 2020


The word “influencer” has become a trendy word passed around like a bottle of beer in the midst of an Oktoberfest revelry. Young people are dreaming of becoming one thus replacing childhood ambitions of becoming doctors, pilots, scientists and the likes. One can vouch for the emergence of the influence culture as a sign of our rapidly changing world. For one, it shines a positive light at affording ordinary individuals a platform to express their voices, opinions and even preference in everything related to lifestyle choices such as in fashion, travel, music, food and so on.

Places to see in Mumbai | India

August 09, 2020

Previously known as Bombay, Mumbai—aside from being the country's most populous city—is India's center of financial and commercial activities. Founded on an ancient settlement, its name was derived from the local goddess Mumba, a type of Parvati, the consort of Shiva and one of the main deities of Hinduism.

Mumbai Travel Blog_Alyanna Bromeo

Entering and Roofing on a Skyscraper in Bangkok

August 07, 2020


After our friends from the Philippine Airlines, Tourism Authority of Thailand and fellow travel bloggers / vloggers departed for Manila, us three: myself, Karla and Coleen extended our stay for a few more days. Doing so, we got to experience more of the city including seeing it above the roof of a 35-story building. How we did it without breaking and entering? Let me take you to a little flashback.

Roofers in Bangkok