A “Break Free” Escape to Remember at Pico Sands Hotel | Hamilo Coast, Batangas

June 28, 2022


As a travel writer, I was fortunate to be able to break free from the clamps of the pandemic earlier than most people. I do remember my first trip since the lockdown, after six months following the government’s “stay at home” order, when I almost leapt for joy at finally smelling the fresh scent of nature. Unfortunately, many us are still reeling from the global pandemic and might have shelved their travel plans on the side for the longest time.

Levy Amosin and Sophie Gianan

Where to Stay in Boracay Based from Personal Stays

June 23, 2022


I’m sure you have read many “Where to Stay” listicle articles where the author just picked up random accommodation properties and presented even without experiencing what it's like staying there. I know, I’ve done such thing writing for other websites. However, in this article, I’ll highlight actual properties where I've spent at least a few days. I’ve been to Boracay only four times in the past with this year’s trip being the longest at almost two weeks. But in those journeys to Boracay, I’ve hopped from one place to another ranging from budget options to medium range and luxury. However, I've yet to reach Shangri-La levels though.

Marky Ramone Go

Enjoying Quietude at Ticao Island Resort | Ticao Island, Masbate

June 23, 2022


The mood that pervades this hidden getaway is probably similar to what the Gods of Travel would have recommended to you after a day of diving and island hopping around the magical seas of Ticao Island. Slipped inside a cove in the town of San Jacinto and dotted with tall coconut trees, Ticao Island Resort dishes a laid-back atmosphere that is serene and full of Zen, just as a tropical island should be. Away from the crowd and almost free from any network signal, one can easily embrace the sense of isolation that exists on this part of the island. 

Lorelee Sicat