Where to Stay in Boracay Based from Personal Stays


I’m sure you have read many “Where to Stay” listicle articles where the author just picked up random accommodation properties and presented even without experiencing what it's like staying there. I know, I’ve done such thing writing for other websites. However, in this article, I’ll highlight actual properties where I've spent at least a few days. I’ve been to Boracay only four times in the past with this year’s trip being the longest at almost two weeks. But in those journeys to Boracay, I’ve hopped from one place to another ranging from budget options to medium range and luxury. However, I've yet to reach Shangri-La levels though.

Marky Ramone Go

Here, I’ve listed down the various beach resorts, hotels and hostels I’ve stayed at in Boracay hoping it could help you plot your visit to the island soon.

Belmont Hotel

During my 12-day trip in Boracay, I stayed in six different places. The first one was in Belmont Boracay courtesy of my friend Jem who let me couchsurfed in the spacious room she booked.

Jem Zafra

Belmont is located in the Newcoast township being developed by Megaworld. Far from the crowd of Station 1 and 2, it definitely has its charms and isolated vibe that is advantageous to introverted people like me. A hundred meters from Belmont, one can enjoy utmost tranquility just sitting by one of the beach benches fronting a long shoreline edged by azure colored waters.

Say Tioco

The property is also surrounded by a scenic biking and jogging path that leads to the famed Boracay Keyhole — where every Friday to Sunday morning, a pop-up café is set up for early morning bikers to enjoy a fresh brew.   


Thea Ifurung

Missing the party atmosphere of Station 1? You can always take their free shuttle van service that drops guests near D-Mall numerous times every day.


What I love about this place is the wide beachfront located along the powdery shoreline of station zero. Here, you only have to share the beach with a few people. The sands are similar to station one; blinding white and pure but free from the seasonal algae blooms.

Camille Briones

The swimming pool is large enough to enjoy isolated spots even during peak swimming hours. I also love the breakfast buffet selections. My friend Jem spent four hours enjoying every bit and bite of it, while I hurried to the beach eager to start the morning with a refreshing dip. 

Bianco Viloria

I was telling her, “This is the closest I’d gotten to swimming on the waters of Shangri-La Boracay”, since the luxurious resort is located only a kilometer away in the same station zero area.

Marky Ramone Go

Henann Crystal Sands

My fourth home in Boracay during my last visit there was another mana from heaven. After my friend Jem left the island, I was supposed to transfer to a hostel but while on my way, an FB friend who owns a Travel company messaged me.

Alexa Pajarillo

"Marky, I booked an excess room. You want to stay at Henann Crystal Sands? I can change the name to yours". Of course, I said yes,

Milet Miranda

Since I’ve already stayed at Henann Lagoon when I went to Boracay for the first time in 2016, I’m already familiar with the Henann brand of hospitality and its property’s theme. Still, I was pleasantly surprised to see some unique features of Crystal Sands such as the sky pool — which is a different one from the long swimming pool found on the ground floor leading to the restaurant and beach front.

I spent a couple of nights here and thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast and coffee by the beach.

Henann Lagoon Resort

This is where I first stayed in Boracay during my first trip here in 2016. I joined my friend Mia for a few days before she left early for Manila. At that time, I thought this was the only Henann property until I saw the others while we’re walking along Station 2 to Station 3.

Heidi Manabat

It has well designed rooms and ours came with a balcony overlooking the huge maze-like swimming pool below. The breakfast buffet came with more selections than normal and you get to sit and enjoy it by the pool. I don’t remember much about my brief stay here as we’re always out getting drunk, but our new friend Linda was able to experience the swimming pool when she dropped by. She loved it.

Azalea Hotels & Residence Boracay

I experienced staying in Azalea Hotels and Residences during my third visit in Boracay just a few weeks before the pandemic. I love its wide space leading to its reception and a small courtyard leading to the elevators and its in-house Kuya J Restaurant.

Chesca Moreno

Their rooms are post-modern eye candies furnished with all the essentials of a comfortable accommodation plus a kitchen space where you can prepare your own food.

Sophie Gianan

The location is a few strides away from Station 2. While it isn't a beachfront property, Azalea makes up for it with its homey environment, visually appealing and spacious rooms. The rooftop swimming pool was a pleasant find while I was strolling around one afternoon. 

Hotel Soffia

Still included in my hotel-hopping experience during my most recent Boracay trip, this underrated hilltop named Hotel Soffia dishes a Tagaytay vibe on the island.

Lorelee Sicat

I like its influence of Mediterranean architecture made more pleasing visually by the oil painted artworks and popping colors displayed on the lobby and inside its rooms. The lounge chairs by the pool screams of Zen-vibe and relaxation, where you just take everything in as you feel the cool winds and mesmerize at the lush scenery around.

Koryn Iledan and Charisse Vilchez

Ferra Hotel

Ferra is a little bit of a walk from Station 2 but that doesn't diminish the coziness of its property. Featuring loft-rooms designed with contemporary aesthetics, it also has a rooftop bar famous for its selection of cocktail drinks and other delectable grubs.

Levy Amosin and Celine Murillo

During my stay here, I was gifted with some complimentary drinks of all fourteen different kinds of cocktail drinks such as Mojito, Tequila Sunrise, Cherry Martini, White Russian, and more.

Samantha Concepcion

Good thing, a friend who I met there, Linda from Germany, helped me finish all the drink.

Shore Time Dormitel

I stayed here for a night during my last trip to Boracay since it is near the port. For 200 pesos a bed in a dorm room, what’s there to ask for? They have a small café on the 2nd floor and alfresco dining downstairs where every night they set up pop-up barbecue and beer stations for socials.

Cindy Ongkeko Domingo

When I was there, I met a few people staying for a month as they take advantage of their company’s remote work privileges given to them during the pandemic. They have a promo of 2,500 for month-long guests occupying one bed in a dormitory room.

Fat Jimmy’s

Fat Jimmy's is an unassuming property a few hops from D-Mall. As one of the oldest resorts on the island, it's a low-key accommodation furnished with wooden and bamboo furnishings. The small property also has a garden and a rooftop lounge.

Muffet Sta Maria

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