Ferra Hotel: My Happy-Hour Enclave in Boracay

It took me a couple of nights before I adjusted to the wild pace of Boracay's nightlife. I spent my first few days just chilling at station 3, watching the sunset with an ice cold beer on hand and hanging out with a friend and meeting new mates as well. By the time I transferred to my second home in the island, the petite and modern looking Ferra Hotel, I was just starting to adapt to the magical 'happy-hour' vibe of the island.

facade of Ferra Hotel
The Post-Modern Look of Ferra Hotel's facade

Post-Modern Boutique Hotel

Having an architect brother has made me aware of various building design themes and apart from the old rustic styles seen in most post-colonial establishments, I personally dig the post-modern look. Alighting from the tricycle I was instantly drawn to the facade of Ferra Hotel. The square windows and various lines that edges to form cool patterns became a welcome sight for me. 

Its location along Bulabog road, a couple of hundred meters away from Station 2, provided a much needed escape from the euphoric and crowded ambiance of the beach front area. Upon stepping foot inside, gracious smiles and a welcoming attitude from the staff greeted me and my friend Mayan, who came along to check the hotel - as she awaits confirmation for her accommodation in a separate place. 

1-room loft at Ferra Hotel
My cozy bed
My room was a 1-loft bedroom which I find to be emboldened with a minimalist design that suits perfectly for the eyes. There were no unnecessary aesthetics lying around - just the important elements such as a cozy double sized bed, couch, working desk, side table, lamps and a refrigerator. One would easily get the idea that the people tasked to design this place really did their homework.

room at Ferra Hotel
Minimalist but with everything you need
1 room loft at Ferra Hotel
I just love how Ferra designed their 1 bedroom loft
This spacious 1-bedroom loft would serve as my enclave for the next few nights as I submerge myself deeper into the so-called Boracay nights. Armed with a knowledge that I a wonderful place to crash - had me throwing caution to the wind each time I would down a bottle of beer or a glass full of cocktail drink. My recovery period is pretty much guaranteed. 

Kicking of Happy Hour with the Charmed Boracay Sunset

After dropping my things I went with my friend Mayan, whose own Boracay trip was related to an interesting mission I will narrate lengthily in a separate blog post, to catch the sunset at Spider House at Diniwid Beach. Finding the place crawling with other tourists we opted to just hang out at the nearby Aloha Wahini where we sat at the comfortable bean bags. 

Mayan enjoying the boracay sunset
Waiting for the sunset at Aloha Wahini
Capping the night with a couple of cocktail drinks at Epic bar I returned to Ferra and slept soundly until the next day where I got up at 5AM to catch the sunrise with Mayan at Ilig-Iligan beach. The rest of the day turned fever pitch in terms of chill merriment, as we Rendezvoused with my friend Mia and her new mate in the island David, a photographer from Belgium, at Bom Bom Bar in Station 2. 

Marky Ramone Go with Mayan Benedicto and Mia Panlilio
Mayan, Mia, David and Myself. 
In between animated conversation and a number of 'Chi Chi drink' I got drunk as early as 3pm and struggled throughout the sunset period. Once again, my comfortable bed at Ferra Hotel became the tool to recover my energy as I took an hour long nap before attending yet another nighttime party in Boracay. 

The cozy bed comes with a Bluetooth Speaker on the side table 
I capped my second night at Ferra Hotel with a massive headache but with a happy spirit brought about by meeting new friends from all over the world. The next day though, I would hear word from the hotel's Marketing Manager, the lovely Jem, that they would let me try out Ferra's cocktail drinks at its popular Ruf Resto Bar

The Ruf, the Ruf, the Ruf, the Ruf's drinks are on fire

The Ruf is Ferra Hotel's in-house bar located at the 4th floor that offers a clear view of the Boracay skyline - as one can witness the sunset from here and the flying kites of the kitesurfers from Bolabog beach as well. After being served with Fish & Chips (beer battered chunky fish fillet with thick hand cut potato fries with tartar sauce), Sate Sampler (grilled seafood, pork, meat skewers indonesian style, with special thick peanut sauce & garlic annatto rice) and Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice, beef chicken seafood, vegetables & spices)

(For a detailed review of the rest of Ruf's menu check out my friend Marcos' review here)

Sate Sampler. Yum!
An army of cocktail drinks were served on my table. Searching my phone for reinforcements I messaged my new German friend Linda if she’s up for some drinks. "You got to help me with these" I told her as I sent her this image. 

The army of cocktail drinks served at the Ruf
The whole enchilada includes these delicious yet powerful cocktail drinks; Mojito (white rum, soda, mint and lime), Green Day (beer, lime juice and mint), Madras (vodka, cranberry and orange juice) , Tequila Sunrise (orange juice and tequila), Classic Martini (martini dry and gin), Cherry Martini (cherry brandy, martini rosso and gin) and White Russian (vodka, kahlua, cream and milk).

Marky Ramone Go with Linda Kaiser
My new German friend Linda
A few minutes later, Linda arrived and helped me with the cocktail drinks. The friendly Ruf staff and the bartender slash break-dancer offered us with quality service, something that didn't escaped Linda as tells me "they are super friendly" before she left for a party she will attend at Exit Bar.
The super friendly staff of Ruf
the Ruf Bar. 
Ferra Hotel also has a small swimming pool and an in-house restaurant called Modern Asia which is ornamented with industrial elements supplemented by pulsating colors. 

Photo courtesy of Lakwatserong Tsinelas
Image credit: Atty Mark Estur of Lakwatserong Tsinelas
Over-all, I had a wonderful stay at Ferra Hotel. It not only served as my home in the island, it also became my recovery place from all the drinking and revelry I attended. Sandwiching partying and relaxation gave me a wonderful chance at experiencing the party vibe of the island without losing much energy. 


Email: ferrahotelboracay@gmail.com

Bulabog Balabag, Malay Aklan

Boracay, Bulabog Road, Malay

(036) 288 1177

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