The White Lighthouse at Apo Reef

March 29, 2011

This lighthouse was first erected in Bajo Apo island in Apo Reef Natural Park in 1903 as part of the Maritime Lighting Plan of Spain. The design planning of the original section first began in 1896. The construction of the lighthouse itself was halted momentarily during the eruption of the Philippine Revolution and the Spanish-American war and before being finished later on by both the Americans and Filipinos. The lighthouse started warning incoming ships of the shallow reefs surrounding the Atoll when it first lit up in 1906.

Sophie Gianan

Apo Reef: The Mangrove Forest

March 25, 2011

I imagined waking up to a dream where I was a junky man in my past life. My veins stabbed with abandon by thin needles. In time's and my own passing my earthly body reduced to ash — grew to become a forest. That scenario I played in my mind a long time ago reminded me of the mangrove forest at Apo Reef. 

Astrid Alvarez

Super Moon Rising Over Apo Reef

March 21, 2011

"I clambered over mounds and mounds /Of polystyrene foam / And fell into a swimming pool / Filled with fairy snow / And watched the world turn day-glo / you know you know / The world turned day-glo you know" 
 - The World Turned Day-glo by X-Ray Spex

Last Saturday a natural phenomenon called "Supermoon" unfolded and afforded us all a sight of the moon larger than it used to be during ordinary nights. The so called "Supermoon" event happens when the full moon coincides at a time when both the Earth and the Moon is at closest point to each other. There are about four to six times of "supermoon" happening each year, but last Saturday was considered as an "extreme case of Supermoon" which has only happened 10 times since 1950.

There’s no Porkchop at ‘Oh My Gulay’

March 16, 2011

I once tried to become a 'vegetarian' years ago and I lasted two meals. Last October I decided to try my luck again on eating healthy foods - It lasted me for two months before the gluttonous season of December forced me to abandon it and resort back to eating whatever that was served on the table. I could never eat pure vegetables alone, but I've realized that I could have a complete meal consisting of vegetables once in a while.


Nomadic Portraits: An Old Man in Baguio

March 16, 2011
I took this photograph of an old man smoking his pipe while walking around Burnham Park in Baguio City. My attention was grabbed by the deep, striking and detailed lines on his face which represented years of living (dangerously perhaps?) and amassing experiences known only to him. It was like seeing medal decorations on the chest of a military officer with each scar-like lines representing the battles he fought in the arena of life.


Strawberry Fields Forever

March 16, 2011

I've been to Baguio city numerous times in the past but I only visited Strawberry Farm for the first time on my last visit there last month. It was everything I expect it to be, a farm filled with rows of strawberry plants, rippled with blistering red colored strawberries all of which seems ripe for the picking.


5th Mountain of Balakayo Adventure Park | GenSan

March 15, 2011

The 5th Mountain of Balakayo Adventure Park is located at the mountainous region of Barangay Olympog in General Santos City. I was able to visit this as part of the SEX Tour (Soccsksargen Experience Tour) held last February where we visited places in Sarangani, General Santos City and South Cotabato.


The Farm at Carpenter Hill, South Cotabato

March 14, 2011

One of the places we visited during the SoccSarGen Experience Tour II was this place called "The Farm".  No, this is not one of those secret place where scientists do special studies on humans trying to develop a powerful, lean mean killing machine called "Universal Soldier". This Farm is a tranquil surrounding encompassing a garden resort, restaurant, convention center, park and an aviary.

Ria Jose

T' daan Kini Falls in Lake Sebu | South Cotabato

March 07, 2011

T'daan Kini Falls is located at barangay Lamlahak in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. Reaching this place will take you about 45 minutes of brisk walking from the pit stop at Sitio Talubek passing through the village at the foothills of a scenic hillside. "T'daan" means the meeting of 'cold and hot water'.

Where to go in Lake Sebu

7 Waterfalls at Lake Sebu | South Cotabato

March 06, 2011

As I rest my head on the window of the van, half tired from lack of sleep I caught a glimpse of the scenic Lake Sebu. Although my view was being distorted by a smudgy glass, it never mattered, as the scene of a thick forest snaking around a tranquil body of water is hard to ignore. Soon, my weary body started to jolt with pure anticipation. The thought finally rested and crested solidly in my head. I am finally in Lake Sebu in South Cotabato.

Zipline in the Philippines

Learning about Aquafarming at Sarangani Bay

March 06, 2011

One of the places we visited during the Soccsargen Experience Tour II was the Alsons Aquaculture fishery in Sarangani Bay. In this pristine water and scenic location, Alsons produces "Bangus" or "milkfish" by the millions by breeding and culturing it to an almost perfect quality and size incomparable to other  bangus caught in other places.

Photo from Sarangani Bay Website

San Joaquin Cemetery (1892) | Iloilo

March 02, 2011

The San Joaquin Cemetery is situated beside the highway of San Joaquin town approximately 50 kilometers southwest of Iloilo City. Built in 1892 of coral rocks, it features 20 stone steps near the entrance adorned by stone balustrades on both sides. This engaging structure leads your eye to the arresting mortuary chapel designed in Baroque architecture standing solidly on the center.

The mortuary chapel inside San Joaquin Cemetery