One More Time Around Coron | Palawan

May 29, 2011

I first visited Coron in August of 2009 in what was the peak moments of my last relationship. Not soon after, the whole thing crumbled but the memories of the place remained fond in my mind–unhinged by  life's untimely jab. Coron however, became one of my favorites among the places I've been to so far. It was a popular 'touristy' place but it does not matter as there's something about the green waters, blue skies, and the laid back seaside town that endeared to me.

Cai Abass

Mad Attempt at a Decent Underwater Photograph

May 19, 2011

An underwater camera is a 'must bring' in Coron because the sights below the water is as scenic as the ones above it. Divers spent most of the time below than above whenever they visit Coron. However, for us who have never experienced diving, we had to make do with trying to go as deep as we could just to get a decent and "post-able" photograph underwater, though it resulted into an endless array of hilarious images.


Culion Museum and Archives | Palawan

May 18, 2011

Culion Island is historic for a number of few unique reasons. One of which was its designation by the Americans to become a "segregation island" in 1901, where patients afflicted with Leprosy are brought, isolated and treated.

Mica Rodriguez

Imagining the Bloody Battles Fought at Fort Culion | Palawan

May 11, 2011
It was at the dead of the night and I was sweating because I know tomorrow's ain't guaranteed. From the darkness ahead, I can hear the war breathing of the enemy, waiting to pounce on our position, timing their attack. Any second from now I anticipate with dead reckoning the throngs of footsteps and the loud reverberations of their battle cries.

Mica Rodriguez

Bataan Visita Iglesia

May 05, 2011

Last Holy Thursday I went to Bataan for a day long 'Visita Iglesia' at some of its historic Spanish colonial churches located in the town of Samal, Abucay, Orion, Orani, Balanga and Pilar with a side trip earlier that day at the World War II memorial atop the scenic Mount Samat.

Pilar Church

Visita Iglesia

Mt. Samat War Memorial | Bataan

May 01, 2011

Last Maundy Thursday I went to Bataan to do my Visita Iglesia since my supposed Holy Week trip to Romblon didn't push through. I decided to visit some old Spanish colonial churches in Bataan and also to make time for a side trip to Mt. Samat War Memorial which is just fitting since I consider myself as a World War II history junky

Marcos is not a hero