Mad Attempt at a Decent Underwater Photograph

An underwater camera is a 'must bring' in Coron because the sights below the water is as scenic as the ones above it. Divers spent most of the time below than above whenever they visit Coron. However, for us who have never experienced diving, we had to make do with trying to go as deep as we could just to get a decent and "post-able" photograph underwater, though it resulted into an endless array of hilarious images.

In salt water, I found out that no matter how hard you try to go below the water it's hard to do so since the water will always push you back to the surface. Still - I never attempted much without my life vest since I'm not good with floating (even though one automatically floats at sea). Just like Jen in the next photo, she keeps on trying to go deep to no avail that Grace has to shove her down and as the camera caught it - it looks like Grace was on the process of drowning Jen with a few fishes lounging around as witnesses.

The next photo shows me holding a part of the hull of a sunken Japanese gun boat located in a shallow part making it clearly visible even to the eyes of those snorkeling above it. The ship has tilted to its side making its one side clear and going to the other side you will see the other part which lies deeper into the darker spots of the sea. The skeletal remains of the gunboat has now become a giant coral residence of an abundance of fish species ranging from different colors and sizes.

Our boatman's co-captain Fredo (not the brother of Michael Corleone) took this shot at Kayangan Lake by diving deep and then snapping a shot at us floating above. It was a fairly decent shot given the hard circumstances of focusing on a subject when you're underwater and without a breathing apparatus. It was indeed a 'Muro-ami'-esque effort from his part.

This one was taken at Banana Island - located near Malcapuya Island and is surrounded by coral reefs making it an ideal snorkeling destination. This part is deep enough for humans not to step foot on the corals but by floating above it one can clearly see everything and it makes even better if you bring in some bread to attract the fishes to gather around you like rockers attending a music festival they'll form a crowded circle and swim over the other like bodies flying on a mosh pit - but this time they're just after the bread feeding frenzy.

Of the five of us only Anne was able to swim further below the waters - she is an experienced swimmer and it was a joy to watch her flow swiftly underneath like a modern day Dyesebel and those long legs of hers kicking and arms flailing gracefully like an underwater version of Natalie Portman in the film Black Swan.

Here are some of the hilarious photographs (there are more - but are deemed "un-postable" - they'd kill me if I post those).          
So remember, when in Coron - be sure not only to check out what's above the water because underwater lies many hidden wonders as well.