Imagining the Bloody Battles Fought at Fort Culion | Palawan

It was at the dead of the night and I was sweating because I know tomorrow's ain't guaranteed. From the darkness ahead, I can hear the war breathing of the enemy, waiting to pounce on our position, timing their attack. Any second from now I anticipate with dead reckoning the throngs of footsteps and the loud reverberations of their battle cries.

Mica Rodriguez

These thoughts were probably the ones running through the mind of those who fought here before. With only this fort separating the island of Culion from the Muslim marauders during the early Spanish colonization of the Philippines. Many forts lie scattered all over the Philippines mainly because of this reason, to defend a garrison or a community from the courageous Moro who defied the conversion to Christians of the Philippines by the Spanish at that time. 

Marky Ramone Go

It was always a thrill to visit sites like these forts whose walls and other remnants have witnessed some of the most ferocious battles in our history. The cannons that reside peacefully overlooking the sea presents a contrasting image of present from the past. The violence of way way back to the tranquil scene of today, if it could only talk, it would probably offer a sigh of relief at not having to endure getting its butt lit up to fire deadly projectiles into enemy position.

Ria Jose

Culion Fort was constructed in 1740 by the Recollect Augustinians, with stones cut as squares, to comprise four bastions according to its historical marker. I went here during our Coron trip last week, I've been to Coron in 2009 with my then girlfriend but missed out on Culion Island, so on this trip I welcomed the sidetrip to this historic island.

Mujee Gonzales and Gretchen Filart

While the ladies were busy taking pictures of themselves on the front steps of the La Imaculada Conception Church, I went around looking for an entrance to the church whose main door was closed. At the back, I saw the path leading to the fort ruins and was amazed at the surrounding views of the sea and the town.

Culion is a very historic island known also for being a former "leprosy colony" where patients afflicted with the disease were sent here to be isolated and studied for treatment. In fact a short walk from the fort, you'll find the Leprosy Museum where I learned a lot about the history of Culion and why its forever associated with leprosy.

Traveling brings an entirely new experience for me. Its not only the things I see, the food I tasted for the first time, the people I meet on the road. It's also about learning the history of various destinations I visit.

Mujee Gonzales with Dennis Murillo

I can feel the wall trembling now and the battle cries has started and by the sound of it, it is certain that blood will flow. Our cannons started to fire at them, increasing by two folds every second but the enemies' battle cries echoes louder as they charge. The ground is shaking and I could only do so much as reload gunpowder. I shoot away like a madman hoping I get to hit  a few of them. They're fast approaching now, I've, I've no time to. I am now having a flashback of my wife carrying our son.  Death is on its way now.  My gun is jammed I smile at the enemy as I see his eyes stare straight to mine.