Postcard Series: Mount Lobo | Batangas

February 27, 2019

Despite being dog-tired from the Maguindanao trip, I wouldn't miss our monthly hike for Ferbruary. Vegan meal + Buhawi craft beer + fun conversations + sleeping under the stars and pulling off a lackadaisical-planned trip—I was the assigned organizer for this month—equates to another memorable weekend. Missing a few of our 'monthly chill hiking' crew though.

Lakbay Norte 8 | Baler without the Surf Board

February 25, 2019

Thrice in the past spread over a decade, I found myself in Baler always tugging a surf board. Despite failing to achieve consistent long rides over the waves, I recognized the cherished vibe reigning in this sea-side town. There is this inexplicable vibrant sub-culture that continue to attract an expanding list of friends and acquaintances of mine, into re-rooting themselves amongst the surfing community here.  

Celine Murillo stands on a boat in Baler

Postcard-Pretty Slideshow of Catanduanes

February 06, 2019

One after the other the rumbling sound of the waves remained on a continuous loop. Each time, a blast of sea water splashes violently towards the natural pool where our group were dipped soothingly. The sight and sound may appear perilous but the magnificent rock formations jutted from underneath the sea, sheltered us safely from the torrents of the Pacific Ocean. Such is the lure of Tuwad-Tuwadan Lagoon, a secluded tidal pool situated at the foot of Cagnipa Hills facing the monster swells of the Pacific.

Victory Liner’s P2P Bus Service Connects Clark Airport to Subic and Dagupan

February 05, 2019

Clark International Airport was where I took my very first airplane ride in 2007. Yes, just like with dating, I was a late-bloomer to plane rides. Similar to going out with women, I made it up with air travel - big time. Countless flights later and I still vividly remember walking over the hot paved tarmac of Clark Airport one sunny May morning, to an Air Asia plane warming up on the apron area. I dredged up thoughts of vowing to myself to “do this (flying) more often”.

6 Reasons to stay in Best Western Hotel Metro Clark | Pampanga

February 05, 2019

The local economy surrounding Clark, Pampanga has seen rapid growth in recent years. Coinciding this development is the emergence of Clark as a prime tourism and business destination. The old stinging red light district reputation of Metro Clark has all but relegated to a nostalgic single strip known as the ‘Walking Street’.  While it remains an interesting place to check out – thanks to an assortment of Asian food gems and fascinating entertainment bars lined up on both sides, a surrounding renaissance of heritage structures, quaint cafes, local craft breweries, adventure theme parks and a thriving commercial district, all make Metro Clark a fascinating area to explore and do business.

Tasting Ipoh’s Signature Dish the Tauge Ayam | Malaysia

February 02, 2019

Also known as "Bean Sprouts Chicken", Ipoh's famed "Tauge Ayam" is another lip-smacking draw of this city other than the famed “Ipoh White Coffee” and other local dishes such as "Sar Hor Fun", "Hor Hee", "Nga Choi Kay" and "Hakka Mee". This mouthwatering dish is composed of steamed chicken topped with sliced onion leeks that comes with a side dish set of bean sprouts, flat noodle soup, rice and pork barbecue (char siew).