Nomadic Video 7: Yogyakarta

November 28, 2013

I can't wait to start writing about my trip to Yogyakarta, but little time and too much procrastination in between disallow me. However, I was able to put together in hurried state, a music video of the random footage I took in between walking around this interesting city and visiting the temple complex of both Borobudur and Prambanan. As a preview of my future blog posts about this trip of mine, here is it with the Byrd's "Turn Turn Turn" as the soundtrack.

Best viewed in 1080 High Definition.
Cameo Appearances: Tania and Carmel


Before Yogyakarta: The Arrival at Jakarta

November 06, 2013

I always worry about passing immigration since this experience in Hong Kong a couple of years ago, that it was my biggest worry for this trip to Indonesia. Since I've tried being a freelancer for a few months now, I don't have any company ID to show anymore. So as I arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 it was all I'm thinking about it. As I line up to pay for the expensive travel tax, I got distracted by this Spanish looking mestiza girl in front of me. I quickly assumed she's either going to Bali or Phuket. That's why when I saw her again with her friend lining up at the check-in counter going to Jakarta I was a bit surprised.