Quickie Dip Stop at Tingko Beach in Alcoy | Cebu

March 28, 2012

After the habal-habal ride and a very short hike to Osmeña Peak, I took a quick brunch by the side of the highway. I envelop each bite of the "torta bread" I bought with gradual images running in my head of the places I've yet to cover that day. It consists of Boljoon, Oslob and Santander. My friend Gael then texted me that they won't be able to make it that day, thus we will be meeting up at Oslob the next day. I proceeded with a plan to go straight to Santander when my friend Kissy told me through SMS about a spectacular white beach in the town of Alcoy. 

Hannah Villasis

Habal-Habal Express to Osmeña Peak | Cebu

March 22, 2012

My hiking days are long gone now. My legs will be the first one to stage a protest at the Tiananmen Square if I took em to another long ass hike, like I did during my UST Mountaineering Club days. However, I'm working on getting back in fine shape, as I've yet to climb Mt. Apo and Kanlaon. On this day though, I reckoned hiking to the highest point of Cebu, the Osmeña Peak–a relatively easy hike when started at the Mantalongon Market, and a bit more difficult if traversed into Badian and climaxing at Kawasan Falls–should be done the easiest way possible. So I worked my way by hiring a habal-habal driver to take me directly to the foot of the 1,100+ feet  Osmeña Peak. 

UST Mountaineering Club

Bike, Drink and Love Potion in Siquijor Island

March 18, 2012

The almost one hour ferry boat ride going to Siquijor was spent on eavesdropping on the conversations of a group of backpackers seated at the row behind me. They were the usual traveler's talk of "where you've been", "how do you find this place" "where you're heading next" and those "this one time in India". I try to listen as I could hoping to get some information I've never came across yet, but my mind seemed to wander to the island of Siquijor, mainly because part of it involves some of the earliest supernatural tales I've heard while growing up.

Eat, Walk and Ebb Along in Dumaguete City

March 12, 2012

I've always wanted to visit Dumaguete City because my friend Dee, who I met in Bacolod, raved about it during our conversation. It stucked on my mind like a fish bone waiting to be plucked out. The charm of this University town and its laid-back environment fits my ideal city for future residency. It's also a big plus, when even before I set foot in Dumaguete, a new friend was already waiting for me at the airport - complete with a "Welcome Marky" sign written on a used COMELEC secret ballot folder.

View of the sea from Rizal Blvd during Sunrise

When Traveling Made Me Dream Big

March 06, 2012

As the haunted past of a civilization remains hidden in ruins of awe binding structures. I came and saw and from the ground, I felt an imaginary shaking, as it's history dug itself out from the buried depths and became alive as clear as an azure sky.

Angkor Wat

Rocking to the Beat of Ati-Atihan in Kalibo | Aklan

March 01, 2012

As the volume of the drumming increases and my ears start to take a beating, it suddenly dawns on me that the noise is slowly morphing into a harmonious rhythm signifying the celebratory mood of the moment. Soon, I find myself thumping along as the sound reverberates to the farthest distance. A sea of people takes turns into dancing on their own. This is the Ati-atihan, I tell myself. No wonder it is one of the premier festivals in the Philippines. Wild, euphoric, no other party in the country can rival its reach in terms of excitement. 

Kalibo Travel Guide