When Traveling Made Me Dream Big

As the haunted past of a civilization remains hidden in ruins of awe binding structures. I came and saw and from the ground, I felt an imaginary shaking, as it's history dug itself out from the buried depths and became alive as clear as an azure sky.

Angkor Wat

The roar of the motorcycles swerving from all direction, a wave of revving engine cometh over the asphalt road. I know I was walking in a strange city, waking up just before the first break of light. I strolled casually, until familiarity sets in. The feeling of an odd-ball uncertainty in new places slowly becoming natural, gives an impression of a satisfying discovery.

streets of Saigon
The beat of the drums heard even from far away, more louder when standing beside the revelers. My heart is pounding while I feel the ground shaking,  my feet thumping, eyes wide and consciousness alive. Nothing beats the spectacle, of being in the center of it all, a celebration to end all celebrations.

Ati-Atihan in Kalibo
I am not a religious man, but the road have taught me that every house of God are house of all. Let it not be the cause of despise and indifference. We are a mirror-image of the man up there, our actions and words should not wander off the righteous trail he paved for us.

When the norms of everyday living lacks adventure and far in between lies a monotonous existence, the road provides ample thrills and shrills that lets me push my edge further than what I previously known.

Siquijor Island
Even in destruction and chaos, there is hope for beautiful things. Not everything that starts violently ends in same similar fate. When the right buttons are pressed, the end result may come in turquise blue-green waters, calm and secured, inviting, loving and so on.

Mt. Pinatubo Crater
Love does not have to be forever yet running a flat line. It could be shortlived but frenetic. It will get lost, but shattered pieces can be mended, as long as you pick up the pieces every step of the way, in the long winding road, of this wide wide and wildly romantic world.

Malapascua island
Traveling lits up a desire on fire, so intense it lights up the dark skies.

Pyrolympics at MOA
Being on the road taught me to look further as the eye can see. A world within a world, it extends each time we move from places to places. It's almost infinite, but all within our reach.

Apo Reef
Ferris Bueller said it best. "life is so fast, if you blink you might miss it". The world moves in a rapid pace, like water dropping from a higher ground, while you flew by zipping like a blur. It's all gone now, but don't be sorry, as you've been bless with abundance of adventures.

Lake Sebu
Cheers! the road is filled with strangers who in an instant can become your best of friends or a lover perhaps. Like passengers on a bus, they will come and go but as everyone comes in full cycle, running into each other again is not impossible. 

Drinking beers in Bolinao
When the land beneath our feet are nevermore, another takes it's place. I found out during the course of my trips that, I had never left in the first place, it's just that I've managed to arrive so many times.

Matnog, Sorsogon
In a complicated world there is bliss in simplicity. Dreaming big does not have to be always measured by accountants. Plotting your life on a map is better than wasting your time preparing to scale the non-existent corporate ladder.

Nagsasa Cove, Zambales
A life I chose for myself, a life I will be expanding soon. It gets better from hereon. This is my big dream which places me at peace-ville and bliss territory. Isn't that what we all want all along?

somewhere in HK
I can't say with cut-throat precision how traveling changed my life. The fact that I carry on with these observations around and I continue to practice the things I learned on the road, is an indication that it has impacted me very clearly. "The road is life" as Jack Kerouac once wrote. It won't be my life 100% but I rest my head every night knowing that it will be forever there, waiting for whenever I'm ready yet again to hit the road. That thought reassures me just fine. It's more than enough for me to enjoy life with so little I have, our big big world makes up for it by offering boundless possibilities.


This is my entry for the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for the month of March 2012, hosted by Reiza Dejito of “Wander If You Must“ with the theme “Leap of Faith: When Traveling Changed My Life.”