The Renovated Jones Bridge at Night | Manila

December 18, 2019

My not-so-fond memories of passing through Jones Bridge was always associated with grinding traffic, that I never appreciated the bridge’s neo-classical design by architect Juan M. Arellano, nor the three arches resting on the two piers. First constructed in 1920 spanning the Pasig River to connect  Binondo district to Padre Burgos Avenue in Ermita, the bridge has undergone numerous reconstruction. The most tedious of them all was in the aftermath of the Liberation of Manila during the tail end of WWII. Another restoration was done in 1998 but still, the bridge remained an afterthought to most pedestrians. It was only in 2019 when Manila Mayor Isko Moreno injected 20 Million pesos for a redevelopment of the Jones Bridge.

Sky Gavin

Inside the Athlete’s Village and the Controversial New Clark City | Tarlac

December 12, 2019

For two days, I experienced what it’s like being inside an athlete’s village. Ever since I started following the Olympics, I became curious about what’s it like being in such place. Fortunately, I got invited as part of a small media team to spend a night at the one the Philippines built for the 30th South East Asian Games held at the New Clark City in Tarlac. Although this sporting event is a lot smaller in scale, I am hoping that we can further expand our sporting infrastructures, so we can host the Asian Games and then the Olympics someday.

Alyanna Bromeo

National Museum of Natural History | Manila

December 10, 2019

The renovated 1940 neoclassical Agriculture and Commerce Building wowed everyone when it re-opened as the National Museum of Natural History in May 2018—thanks to an arresting design element addition. Not even a week later, social media were flooded with photographs of the museum’s imposing atrium that resembles a DNA figure. Architect Dominic Galicia and Interior Designer Tina Periquet collaborated to bring the tree of life as the centerpiece of the new museum.

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Where to Eat in Baguio City | A City of Pines Culinary Tour

December 01, 2019

Some of my fondest memories of Baguio City always include food—well, and the company I was with. There’s Sarah giggling non-stop at Oh My Gulay, my former girlfriend Lauren giddily explaining to me the ingredients of Spinach and Chicken Galantine at PNKY Café (now closed already) and the heavenly face of another former girlfriend Monette, as she was finishing her plate of lomo ribs at Canto. These are just a few of my wonderful memories of Baguio where a foodie joint, café or a craft brewery played an important role. It seems that whenever I visit the City of Pines, going out on a food tour will always be my main agenda. To help you create amazing memories of food next time you head here, here are some where to eat recommendations in Baguio City.

Foggy Mountain Cookhouse

This Salmon Pie was one of the standout dishes in Foggy Mountain Cookhouse