Nomadic Video 6: Romblon

July 29, 2012
The music of the Clash's "Police on my Back" provides the necessary beat to this random video footage I shot during our trip to Romblon last May. There were no police chasing us, just us hot on the trail of new places to see and experience. From the long 10-hour sea journey, toploading and island hopping from Romblon, Romblon to Sibuyan and back to Tablas island, eye popping scenery were the normal things to be seen. Judging a bikini open contest, festival food coma and spelunking in the beautiful island of Cobrador, meeting the friendly locals and some members of the indigenous tribe, made it a lock in maximizing my five day trip to this wonderful province - also the hometown of my friend Dazzle, who continued to incursion around the province for the next 20 days together with another travel blogger and photographer Josiah Strong

Cinema Leonardo: A Silent Hill Retreat in Baguio

July 20, 2012

It was nearing midnight of a Friday and as I sat at Victory Liner's Cubao terminal, a man being chased by a cop ran beside the post near from where I was sitting. He embraced the post like his life depended on it, to avoid being cuffed by the policeman. With all the reports of summary execution by cops, he might have a reason to hug for dear life. The cop's reasoning was, the tattooed bum was suspected of an attempted bag snatching. My friend, the hipster mum Gaye arrived to witness the end of the low key stand-off, and as the cop dragged the uncooperative suspected thief to the police headquarters, I kind of wish him a day in court and a smooth journey into the usual process of our justice system. 

Spacious ground

The Island of Dr. Cobrador | Romblon

July 16, 2012

Five-six or even seven hundred years ago when sea explorers approach a strange island, meeting a bloody resistance is a foregone conclusion. Drum rolls of war beat will accompany the sounds of shrieking bayonet and spear armed warriors running across the shore to meet the men aboard the incoming ship. The brutal battle that often ensues transforms the crystal clear blue waters into a sea of red. To the victors, a hell-raising cheer fills the air. To the vanquished, their decapitated bodies and pieces of flesh, reduced to an offering of feast for the lucky sea creatures. Fortunately, for myself, Dazzle, Josiah and voluptuous Pam, we were aboard a little passenger boat in the present day and the only drum roll we heard upon arriving at Cobrador island, was the one that accompanied a festive welcoming party composed of dancing kids in "Ati-Atihan" costumes.

Dazzle Silverio

Book Sharing Project in Gubat, Sorsogon

July 11, 2012

The room the kids call as their own "library" is a 40 square meter of empty space. The walls are untidy and dark, the windows are almost broken to shards. The lone table lies almost deserted by time, unused and nevermore. The only reminder that the room is the school's library was the two small bookcases, that is almost rotten to the core and on the verge of collapse. Dusty and dog eared copy books, about a couple of dozens are placed almost glued together on the two shelves. It wont take a rocket scientist to know, that these books are of no use anymore. That the library itself, in its sad current state is incapable of becoming a room of knowledge for the kids of Rizal Elementary School in Gubat, Sorsogon.

This is it! We're the library! - With your help, this is about to change 

Judging a Bikini Open in Sibuyan Island | Romblon

July 09, 2012

I was sitting there at the judges table with a pencil and a bunch of papers in front of me. What am I doing here? I asked myself. I've never scored anyone wearing a bikini before, In my eyes, anyone who sports a bikini automatically gets a perfect 10 from me. I was worried the hometown crowd might not like our "scoring" and might shower us with a resounding "boos" like what the three blind judges of the recent Pacquiao - Bradley bout got. Whatever doubts I had quickly vanished, when contestant number 1 walked on the platform. I decided to give them all perfect ten scores. Things reached fever pitch when Contestant 2 came out and I melted briefly when she made eye contact to myself. 

Valian Urag

A Piece of C in El Nido, Palawan

July 08, 2012

Like a porn star working on a scene (this time with Sasha Grey) for the third day in a row. Wait, let me rephrase that. Like an experience, equaling a porn star reporting for duty at the tail-end of a three day shoot, we took another boat ride early morning of our fourth day in El Nido, still dazed and hang-over from the drinking game with Inah and the three crazy Dutch guys the previous night.

The mesmerizing view