Nomadic Video 6: Romblon

The music of the Clash's "Police on my Back" provides the necessary beat to this random video footage I shot during our trip to Romblon last May. There were no police chasing us, just us hot on the trail of new places to see and experience. From the long 10-hour sea journey, toploading and island hopping from Romblon, Romblon to Sibuyan and back to Tablas island, eye popping scenery were the normal things to be seen. Judging a bikini open contest, festival food coma and spelunking in the beautiful island of Cobrador, meeting the friendly locals and some members of the indigenous tribe, made it a lock in maximizing my five day trip to this wonderful province - also the hometown of my friend Dazzle, who continued to incursion around the province for the next 20 days together with another travel blogger and photographer Josiah Strong