A Surreal Moment at the Great Pyramid of Giza | Egypt

November 27, 2021

"Forward! Remember that from these monuments yonder 40 centuries look down upon you", Napoleon Bonaparte declared to his troops as they gear up for the Battle of the Pyramids on July 1798. Indeed, the history of the great pyramids dates back to one of Earth's ancient civilizations. This fact made my experience of being there feel more surreal in real life. I recall staring at the pyramids with wide eyes while standing immobile, engrossed in a spectacular now kind of moment. There is no better way to cap our Holy Land trip than a chance to see the Great Pyramid of Giza up close.

Marky Ramone Go jumping in front of the pyramid of Giza
Jumping for joy is an understatement

In the Presence of National Living Treasure Apuh Ambalang Ausalin | Basilan

November 10, 2021


It doesn’t happen everyday that I get to wake up in a new and unfamiliar place. Yet here I am stirring into consciousness from a deep slumber in the province of Basilan. A full day has passed since I stepped out of a ferry ship from Zamboanga and shattering my previous misconceptions about this province.

Sophie Gianan, Jomie Naynes, and Levy Amosin watches a Yakan weaver weave her magic
One of Apu Ambalang's Magtetenum (weaver)

Lakbay Norte Highpoints Must-See Places in Nueva Ecija

November 02, 2021


As it enters its 10th year, the #NLEXLakbayNorte continues to promote more tourist destinations in Northern Luzon. However, due to the global pandemic, the usual 5-6 day caravan across several provinces is curtailed to a shorter trip focusing on just one province. This writer of Nomadic Experiences and Out of Town Blog was recently invited to participate in the 2-day familiarization tour of Nueva Ecija. Following IATF-enforced safety protocols, we explored other must-visit places in the province known as the “rice granary of the Philippines”.

Melissa Ferrer looks at the view of Sierra Madre
One of several IG-mable spots in Forest Garden

Philippines’ 1st Stevia Grower Empowers Farmers and Advocates for Diabetes Awareness

November 01, 2021


We rarely come across companies that put advocacy and employee empowerment at the center of their corporate mission, but Glorious Industrial and Development Corporation — GIDC, the Stevia Company, is setting the model. As the first stevia grower and manufacturer in the Philippines, GIDC harvests and markets the Sweet and Fit Stevia, the foremost stevia herbal dietary supplement registered by the Food and Drug Administration in the Philippines, as its main weapon in leading the charge against diabetes.  Grown and harvested in the Philippines exclusively by GIDC, Sweet and Fit Stevia is free of calories, cholesterol, carbohydrates, and has zero glycemic index.

Koryn Iledan
Visitors can enjoy a Stevia leaf picking activity at this 2-hectare Stevia Demo Farm