A Rush of Water at Lake Balanan

September 28, 2013

Just when I was starting to smell the fresh air emanating from Lake Balanan the van we were riding abruptly stopped. Engine off and all I can hear was the swooshing sound. We all got off and stared ahead at the part of the road which was overran by the rushing waters. All hopes of seeing Lake Balanan momentarily went to dust that moment. Should we walk over this rampaging currents and risk getting swept away to the ditch on the other side? Fortunately a kid who saw our predicament pointed to us to a trail beside the road leading to Lake Balanan.


A Hawksbill Turtle Sighting at Mantigue Island

September 25, 2013

An underwater version of a metropolitan city can be found in the waters of Mantigue Island. Measuring four hectares in diameter and located three kilometers off Camiguin Island, the island has now been groomed as an eco-tourism destination. Today, the Mantigue Natural Park's lush forests houses different species of trees and plants. A localized tourism management program setup by the local government, makes this island a model for nature preservation. Mantigue is manned by a few families belonging to the island's original settlers, who were trained to oversee the island, the forest, and serves as tour guides. It's a simple case of people-empowerment, while at the same time safeguarding the island from falling into the hands of misguided and greedy questionable island "developers".

Journeying James swimming with the Hawksbill. Photo Credit: Ferdz Decena of Ironwulf

Postcard Series: The World of Philip K. Dick

September 23, 2013

The stunning rock formations found in Biri Island presents an out-of-this-world terrain. Walking over uneven steps, my surroundings reminded me of the science fiction novels written by Philip K. Dick. Out of sight from my local guide, I sense an isolation left out of this world, with only the sound of the crashing waves as evidence of being on Earth. I trudged slowly upwards when I saw my local tour guide waving his hands, he was holding my other smaller camera, motioning his intention to take a picture of me against what he says was "an amazing background". In these rock formations, the same kind of background would provide me a visual feast for the rest of the day.