After-Yoga Learning Trip to the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center in Marikina

March 26, 2018

Feeling relaxed and a bit Zen-ned from the yoga session we had at the Community Fitness in Pasig, myself, Christine and Ferdz—who was also our Yogi teacher that morning—decided to do some urban exploration. “I have a barber appointment in Marikina plus a friend is inviting me to try out the James Dean Café, you can come with me” Ferdz told us. So, off we went to the city known for its shoe industry, city-wide bike lanes and a thriving food scene.

the entrance to the  Book Museum cum Ethnology Center in Marikina
Groovy sighting near the entrance of the Book Museum 

Star Cruises SuperStar Virgo's High Seas | An Affordable Cruising Experience

March 21, 2018

Remember the Mark Renton swagger I had on my way to board the Star Cruises’ Superstar Gemini last year? – Well, my frame of mind was a bit subdued this time, and no Trainspotting pop-culture reference ran inside my head. The enthusiasm of going on another cruising experience never wavered though, as I inched closer to the gigantic SuperStar Virgo docked at the Pier 15 of Manila Port. Who wouldn’t be captivated by the sheer size of the ship towering as high as a ten-story building and knowing that inside its massive bulkheads, recreates a floating luxury resort. Finding myself about to board a cruise ship for the second time, I recited a brief prayer thanking  the heaven for doling out good karma upon me. 

How Female Travelers Should Respond to Sexual Harassment on the Road

March 10, 2018

It appears in this age of the #MeToo movement, heaps of douche-bag sexual misconduct and abuse has been unearthed not only from the entertainment industry but also in other facets of our society. We now come face to face with the chilling reality – to which most of us have turned a blind eye for years – that sexual harassment happens in every aspect of our daily lives. For solo female travelers, the risk of being subjected to different kinds of harassment on the road dips the scale of high probability. It is difficult enough to find oneself in an unfamiliar place, being subjected to catcalling, groping and flashing by sexual perverts definitely add a layer of danger to women travelers all over the world.

5 Easy Hikes in Luzon with Gorgeous Views

March 08, 2018

One doesn’t need to be a hardcore mountaineer to enjoy the spectacular highland sceneries located all over Luzon. Just because you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views doesn’t always mean it will involve crazy calf-burning hikes or six-hour long treks! Without further ado, here are some easy hikes in Luzon that will give you beautiful, postcard-worthy backdrops.

Traveloka Find: Tharaburi Resort | Where to Stay in Sukhothai | Thailand

March 05, 2018

Tharaburi Resort is a secluded property located about a kilometer from the gates of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sukhothai Historical Park. A courtyard fronts an old colonial house leading to an expansive Thai garden and a swimming pool. A dual singular row of wooden structures in Asian contemporary style, comprises the eleven deluxe and two suite rooms.