Traveloka Find: Tharaburi Resort | Where to Stay in Sukhothai | Thailand

Tharaburi Resort is a secluded property located about a kilometer from the gates of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sukhothai Historical Park. A courtyard fronts an old colonial house leading to an expansive Thai garden and a swimming pool. A dual singular row of wooden structures in Asian contemporary style, comprises the eleven deluxe and two suite rooms.

Inside the charming heritage house, are the backpacker rooms aptly called “The Dorm of Happiness”. Having stayed at a number of both the run-down and hip hostels, I consider Tharaburi’s dormitory as a cut above the rest. Mainly, because of the vibe that surrounds it. Countrified - thanks to the lush orchard around, and the heritage feel of the main residence hall.

It was like a royal summer house where afternoon tea parties are held and wine nights are held at the patio. For less than 8$ a night, I consider my bed a definite steal. Sweetening the deal, each dorm room only has a maximum of three single beds, thus giving every backpacker more space and privacy.

A Super OK Traveloka Find

Tharaburi’s Dorm of Happiness served as my home here for several nights. I found out about this place via the travel booking app; Traveloka, where I booked it with ease at the few clicks of a button using the app’s easy reservation and payment features.

For an additional $3.00 (100 TBT), you get a buffet breakfast – which I found to be a lit satisfying for my cravings. They serve bread and pastries, noodles, eggs with fruits, brewed coffee and tea all served at the garden dining area.

Lost in Egg Translation

On my first morning I asked the friendly staff for sunny side up fried eggs. Lovely waitress came out with scrambled eggs. I figured I’ll take it, it must have been a misunderstanding. After a while, she came back bringing an omelet telling me 'sorry my fault wrong egg'. I told her it’s okay and never bothered correcting her. Again, after a few minutes, she came back again bringing my correct order of two sunny side up eggs.

"These are too many eggs for me" i told her.

"It’s okay, eat, my fault I apologize" she tells me with a smile.

So now, I've plates of scrambled, omelet and fried eggs for breakfast plus the sausages, bacon, sweet ham and stir fried chicken. I was about to get a plate of fried rice, but seeing my table filled up – I scrapped that idea and just enjoyed my overload of protein. 

Free Bicycle Use and IG-Friendly Corners

Tharaburi also provides the free use of bicycles for their guests. Even though, this has been a common practice by most hotels and hostels at Sukhothai, their set of bikes are almost brand new and well-maintained.

In between my cycling spree around the historical park, I thoroughly enjoyed my time just hanging around the delightful property of Tharaburi.  I swam at the pool, sat on the grass and wandered around the lovely garden. It seems like there is a quiet spot for each guest to just chill out and read a book. If you’re into the finest details of architecture and landscape designs, you will never ran out of subjects to photograph inside the compound of Tharaburi. 

I definitely would consider this place next time I visit Sukhothai. Maybe, I will stay at one of the deluxe rooms for a change or try out one of their suite rooms. The vibe and tranquility this place offers, compliments the timelessness of nearby Sukhothai Historical Park.

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