5 Easy Hikes in Luzon with Gorgeous Views

One doesn’t need to be a hardcore mountaineer to enjoy the spectacular highland sceneries located all over Luzon. Just because you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views doesn’t always mean it will involve crazy calf-burning hikes or six-hour long treks! Without further ado, here are some easy hikes in Luzon that will give you beautiful, postcard-worthy backdrops.

1. Dingalan Hill, White Beach (Dingalan, Aurora)

An easy and chill hike to the top of Dingalan Hill gives you a front-row view of the Pacific Ocean’s waves, as they slap against the ridges of the sharp rock formations below. All the while being surrounded by a beautiful bloom of rolling hills and the vastness of the sea.

Regene Ong

Your photo at the saddle with your arms outstretched doesn’t come close to the unrivaled freedom one feels when encircled with the magnificent wonder of nature.

2. Mount Sawi (Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija)

This mountain may seem like it’s meant for the brokenhearted but Mount Sawi is in fact, a happy mountain to hike because of its easy trail that requires only a couple of hours of moderate-level hiking.

Mia Panlilio

Upon reaching the summit, take in the view of the unique landscape of river streams and vibrant colors of the countryside below. Scream your heart out at the top, not for forlorn reasons, but because of sheer exhilaration.

3. Cape Engaño Lighthouse, Palaui Island (Santa Ana, Cagayan)

The Spanish-era Cape Engaño Lighthouse is a worthy precursor to the breathtaking 360-degree view that awaits you at the top of this hill in Palaui Island. Enduring the long journey to Sta. Ana Cagayan and the volatile waves of the Pacific Ocean will prove to be worthwhile once you lay eyes on the scenery dotting Palaui Island.

Lush greenery and blue waters abound as do hiking trails on the other parts of the island. Easy hike, check. Spectacular views, check. Ideal camping spots, check.

4. Vayang Rolling Hills (Basco, Batanes)

Wave-shaped hills dotted by greenery and cows, Vayang Rolling Hills epitomizes the pastoral element of Batanes – which continues to charm visitors with its romantic ambience.

It’s no surprise this hill and other parts of Batanes have become favorite pre-nuptial photo destinations for upcoming brides and grooms. An easy hike from the lone narrow road takes you instantly to Vayang Hills.

5. Bangaan Rice Terraces (Banaue, Ifugao)

As one of the Cordilleras’ five clusters of rice terraces included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Bangaan Rice Terraces appears like an immense stretch of immaculately-carved piece of nature. The short hike from the main highway going down to the small quaint village will make you pass through majestic panoramic scenery of snaking rice terraces.

When visited during the peak of harvest season, the deep green colors of the crops and other blooming flowers can appear so overwhelmingly stunning.

These are just some of the easy hikes one can travel to in Luzon. Of course, other moderate mountains such as Mt. Batulao, Mt. Makiling, Mt. Maculot, and Pico de Loro are also considered laid-back treks but aren’t as easy as the places listed above. If you have any more suggestion for more relaxed hikes in Luzon, let me know in the comments section!