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Remember the Mark Renton swagger I had on my way to board the Star Cruises’ Superstar Gemini last year? – Well, my frame of mind was a bit subdued this time, and no Trainspotting pop-culture reference ran inside my head. The enthusiasm of going on another cruising experience never wavered though, as I inched closer to the gigantic SuperStar Virgo docked at the Pier 15 of Manila Port. Who wouldn’t be captivated by the sheer size of the ship towering as high as a ten-story building and knowing that inside its massive bulkheads, recreates a floating luxury resort. Finding myself about to board a cruise ship for the second time, I recited a brief prayer thanking  the heaven for doling out good karma upon me. 

What is a High-Seas Cruise?

On this voyage, I joined mostly Filipino guests on a two-night High Seas Cruise. 

High seas cruise is designed for passengers who wanted to just enjoy the facilities of the ship and to relax all throughout without having to spend time outside via shore excursions. Because the ship won’t be docking to any second or third destination, as it will only sail the nearby waters from the original port of call, guests will maximize their experience on the ship at a lesser cost compared to the usual cruise tours.

Each time a ship of Star Cruises docks in Manila, they make it a point to insert High Seas cruising dates in between the regular schedules that includes the Manila – Taiwan – Okinawa route. Make sure to always check their official website to be informed of their cruise dates.

They sold their High Seas at 12,000 ++ Pesos per person on a buy one get one promo making it to cost only 6,000 ++ Pesos each. Crazy? I know. So, the more you must check Star Cruises’ website everyday.

Boarding Procedures

Even though the ship won’t leave Philippine waters, as defined by international maritime laws, passengers would still have to submit their passport to Philippine immigration officials.

On this particular high seas voyage, SuperStar Virgo took less passengers compared to the usual cruise dates. Boarding went by a breeze as it only took us less than 25 minutes from the immigration line to the check-in of baggage and to climbing the ladders of Superstar Virgo.

We were told that even on regular cruising dates when the ship is at full capacity, the boarding procedure still run smoothly because Star Cruises deploys additional staff and the Philippine Immigration calls in more officers to handle the check-in procedures.

SuperStar Virgo Accommodations

The ship offers four different types of rooms; Inside Cabins, Oceanview Cabins, Balcony Cabins and the Executive Suites. Our group were billeted at the Balcony Cabins.

The Balcony Cabin is almost the same size as the room I had at Superstar Gemini last year. This time though, a sliding door opens to a narrow balcony that provides a better spot to go emo and relish the unobstructed view of the sea.

The Executive Suite Room
We were also given a tour of the Executive Suites which comes with a living room and a Jacuzzi on top of a spacious bedroom and a balcony.

Things to do Inside SuperStar Virgo

I referenced to Superstar Gemini as a "miniscule city popping with a sparkling setting", well the same thing can be said about Superstar Virgo. With Star Cruises, no ship is left behind when it comes to pimping it all with impressive interior aesthetics. It appears that they really aimed at creating these extensive spaces for guests to move freely, as if entering into another realm.

One can never ran out of things to do inside Superstar Virgo. 

Wine and Dine

With at least 12 restaurants housed inside Superstar Virgo, going hungry will be unheard of as you can dine in at least six times in a day – buffet style, at the three inclusive restaurants: Star Dining (Western), The Lido (International buffet), and Pavilion (Chinese). *the afternoon barbecue party held at the Taverna is also inclusive*

Barbecue time at the Taverna

Other restaurants where you can enjoy various global cuisines and à la carte meals are: Blue Lagoon, Palazzo, Samurai, Silk Road, The Taj, Cafe Gelato, Celebrity, Coffee Nook, Taverna Bar

Watch the Entertainment Shows at Zodiac Theater

With a bulging stomach full of food, we capped off our first night by enjoying a very entertaining magic show called Spirit at the lavish Zodiac Theater. Starring one of Europe’s top illusionist Vincent Vignaud – the audience were treated to an hour of amazement brought on by his magic tricks that got many people from their seats wondering out aloud “how the hell he did it?”  even as everybody knows it’s all trickery, the way Vincent and the other performers pulled it off – made all the routines stunningly believable as legit magic. 

On our second night, we watched an acrobatic show infused with a romantic story-line. Here, we were wowed once again as we watched talented performers from different countries owned the stage, as they jumped with breathtaking stunts and danced with graceful choreography.

Came too early for the Adult Burlesque Show. Kidding
There’s also an Adult show that starts at 9-10 pm every other night, but we skipped that part because our media group are wholesome like that.

Play Sports and Video Games, Work out, Swim and Belt a Karaoke Song

The list of activities one can do inside Superstar Virgo gets longer, thanks to its other top notch facilities such as: the gaming room, the upper deck basketball court and miniature golf lawn, the Parthenon Pool at the top deck featuring a splash pool and a giant slide, the Apollo Spa and Fitness Club, Private Karaoke Rooms and cozy quaint corners where one can just summon their inner zen.

The very cozy game room
Enjoy a Quiet Time at the Library

It came as a no surprise that the ship’s library became my favorite spot. I spent my first morning after breakfast here just by reading a travel book, as the sun rays from the skies of the West Philippine Sea seep through the glass window and unto the Victorian style interior of the library.

Captain’s Bridge Tour

Most people don’t bother taking this tour inside the ship, but I am telling you right now, you better avail of it. The chance to listen to the ship’s captain, as he explain the various intricacies of managing and sailing the ship, shall gift you with a fascinating set of knowledge about how modern sailing is done nowadays.

The Bridge Tour was made hilarious because of the Captain’s uncanny resemblance to actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

And, there’s more…

For the high-rollers who even on the high seas, would love to test their luck, SuperStar Virgo's casino located at the 7th deck is the place to be for them. The casino houses many slot machines, roulette boards, baccarat and poker tables to anyone willing to burn some cash or feeling the luck to shoot for a big win.

Because if you win big, then shopping at the Duty Free shops featuring world renowned brands would be your next activity.

“As I walked out of the ship for one last time after we docked back at Harbour Front in Singapore – and yet again minus a girlfriend, I told myself to experience another get-go at cruise living in the near future. Hoping next time, it will be with a honeymoon mate. “Choose life, choose a girl to cruise with, choose Star Cruises” – I wrote in my article last year narrating my first ever cruise experience also with Star Cruises.

And yes, sooner than I anticipated, I got another go at a cruise ship living and even without a girlfriend again this time, I disembarked with another amazing cruise experience. Who knows someday it will be for a real honeymoon. With the rates of cruise traveling becoming more affordable – thanks to companies like Star Cruises, I see myself sailing again aboard a luxury cruise and getting use to this mode of traveling.

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