Travel and Win with my New Friend on the Road, #Bonamine

When I first went to India in 2014, I learned a lesson the hard way. Yes, I took with me anti-diarrhea medicines, but when the onslaught of numerous cross country train trips hit me, I was reduced to a drunk-like traveler seeing the world with a dizzy head.

Since then, I made it a point to also bring Bonamine tablets whenever I go. Even though I’m used to long land, air and sea travels I realized one should never feel too secured, as travel sickness can be triggered by almost anything; by reading a book, browsing your phone, or looking intently at the countryside views from a moving vehicle. It is an affliction that can make or break one’s holiday. So whenever someone asks me for travel tips, I always mention to pop one Bonamine tablet one hour before they start their journey. Whether on a plane, train, bus or a cruise ship, one should only get dizzy from too much consumption of beer – at least you’re having a wonderful time doing so. The rest, let #Bonamine take care of it.

Reading while aboard a moving vehicle can cause travel sickness. Not happening if you take Bonamine though
Travel Bloggers against Travel Sickness

A few weeks ago I attended the Bonamine Travel Bloggers Conference where we discussed useful travel tips and advocacies such as responsible traveling, packing light, immersing with the locals and understanding the different cultures of the world. The event, hosted by the beautiful Regine Tolentino and also participated by the Country Head and Regional Director for SEA Commercial Operations of Taisho Pharmaceuticals Philippines Tito Tolentino, Bonamine Philippines Brand Manager Lovelea Dungca, also highlighted the importance of preventing travel sickness from happening.

Caught not listening to host Regine Tolentino is Gay Emami of Pinay Travel Junkie
Without having the need to shove their product to us, they later found out that our whole group of travel bloggers are actually Bonamine takers for a long time already.

Our fun little event culminated with the revelation of a travel contest mechanics and an impromptu stage dancing by our group – who all seemed to be in party mood as early as 10:30 am in the morning.

with fellow travel bloggers against Travel sickness, poses with the lovely dancing queen Regine Tolentino
As we all promote responsible traveling, us travel bloggers all know too well the importance of being 100% in great shape when on the road, so we advise everybody to always bring with them, Bonamine tablets to prevent motion sickness when traveling.

Bonamine Travel and Win Contest

How can one prevent travel sickness if one isn’t going anywhere? Well, great news. Bonamine will be providing travel opportunity to a lucky individual with an all-expense paid trip for four to Hong Kong. Just follow these simple mechanics to join.

Step 1: Take a selfie with a Bonamine pack.

Step 2-3: Share your Bonamine enjoy ang biyahe experience using the hashtags #bonamine and #travelandwin. Then, upload it on @BonaminePH's Facebook Page. 

And good luck claiming any one of these awesome prizes:

Promo period is from March 1 to July 31, 2018. Winners will be announced on the Bonamine Facebook page.

 For more deets, visit the Bonamine Facebook page.