Quickie Dip Stop at Tingko Beach in Alcoy | Cebu

After the habal-habal ride and a very short hike to Osmeña Peak, I took a quick brunch by the side of the highway. I envelop each bite of the "torta bread" I bought with gradual images running in my head of the places I've yet to cover that day. It consists of Boljoon, Oslob and Santander. My friend Gael then texted me that they won't be able to make it that day, thus we will be meeting up at Oslob the next day. I proceeded with a plan to go straight to Santander when my friend Kissy told me through SMS about a spectacular white beach in the town of Alcoy. 

Hannah Villasis

From Dalaguete I took an ordinary bus bound for Santander that passed by while I was wiping left over "torta" crumbs on the side of my mouth and told the conductor to drop me of Tingko, Alcoy. I paid him 12 pesos and sat by the window. A few moments into the bus ride I started seeing the sea by the side of the road, but before I could ask if I was already in Tingko, the scenery immediately shifted to roadside houses and trees, then I saw this long stretch of powdery and glimmering white sands and as if on cue the conductor told me I'm in Tingko, Alcoy already.

Hannah Villasis

As I got off the bus and walk at the side of the road I was greeted by a sight a bit further down, the road curves and beside it, the blue waters and a stretch of white sands makes an apparition. A feeling of delight rushed into my head and I started walking faster. As I went forward I saw a cemented stairway on my left and went down to the beach in an instant. I saw a few people swimming at that time and at a nearby resort a few rows of restaurants is located. In a half-empty one, a group of foreigners huddled together drinking ice cold San Miguel beer.

Erica Brenner

That reminded me I was thirsty. I drank my bottled water and laid down my backpack on the sands, feeling a bit tired from the short hike earlier the day, I sat on the ground and stared straight ahead into the vast body of water which seems to be inviting me for a quick mad dip.

I took a few pictures and walk towards both sides of the strip. I went back a few minutes later and took my shirt off and gave in to the egging on of the beach. I took a quick dip under the red hot sun that morning. I tried practicing my freestyle swimming skills on a waist deep water to no avail. After a few minutes I got out of the water and went to this shed located near the road. From there, I got a great vantage point to look at the whole strip. I sat there until my short dried up a bit. 

Mishi Magno

My friend Kissy who just finished her shift at the city was also on her way to Santander and agreed to meet up there later in the afternoon. With my original plan of meeting up with Gael, Upper and friends not pushing through that day, Kissy ended up adopting me for the night by letting me stay at her family's house in Santander.
Pika Yonzon

I sat there for over an hour I think, all I've eaten was two pieces of torta bread and surprisingly, I wasn't feeling even a bit starved. I was focused clearly and wandered my mind at what I was seeing that moment. I can't believe that this stretch of the scenic southern Cebu highway could provide many stop-over opportunities. I wish I had more time so I could just buy the time and plant my feet at each town along the way.

The beach at Tingko, Alcoy provided a quickie dip-stop. From the bumpy habal-habal ride and a mad hike atop Osmena Peak to the chill down - no care in the world - bumming around by the beach, created a perfect compliment of contrasting activities for me that day. I looked at my watch and it says 1:30PM, with my shorts not yet fully dried and my hair disheveled, I walked again to the side of the road and awaits another bus to take me to my next destination. I would never mind doing this over and over again.