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5th Mountain of Balakayo Adventure Park | GenSan

The 5th Mountain of Balakayo Adventure Park is located at the mountainous region of Barangay Olympog in General Santos City. I was able to visit this as part of the SEX Tour (Soccsksargen Experience Tour) held last February where we visited places in Sarangani, General Santos City and South Cotabato.


Apart from the appealing scenery that surrounds the 5th Mountain, the main attraction of the place are the three zipline routes that takes visitors on a Superman-like rush across the other mountain. The first one called the "Yankee Line" is 800 meters long - just a few meters short of the one at Camp Sabros in Digos City (820 meters) and at Dahilayan Park in Bukidnon (840 meters) - both of which I've visited in the past already. Guess that makes me a 'zipline' junky. The Yankee Line provides plentiful of thrills as it takes you to a wild ride by flying over a ridge about 1,500 meters deep across the neighboring peak.

Cai Abass

The second zipline is called the "X-Zipline" its 400 meters long is half the length of the Yankee Line but still provides excitement as it also passes through a path that offers magnificent 360 degree view. The 3rd one which was still being constructed at the time of our visit is called the "Extreme Zip, it is 650 meters long but it takes riders on a fast paced ride measuring to 90 kilometers per hour compared to the 80 kph speed of the Yankee Line.

Cai Abass

Before we rode the zipline our gracious hosts and owner of the 5th Mountain, the lovely couple James Betonio and Twilight Betonio, introduced us to their friendly staff and served us with a delicious and sumptuous breakfast cooked with organic ingredients. 

Tina Punzal

We feasted on Fried Okoy, Tuna Fillet, Nilagpang (native chicken in broth), Kakainin & Tanglad juice and the 5th Mountain Salad which was consisted of Ampalaya and Pineapple. After that we were told to form a line on the nearby garden overlooking Sarangani Bay and was taught to do yoga for a few minutes where we did some stretching and short exercises in the process.
Ria Jose

People have different reactions when riding on a zipline, while others screams like they're being chased by Freddy Krueger others like me just stay mum and keep my cool like Superman. Like it's the ordinary thing for me baby, this flying in the air haha. Still, its a great feeling. That sudden rush surely beats a couple of tabs that turns your brain into mush. With ziplines - there's no turning your mind to mush it's just plain speed, wind and your thoughts spiraling and processing the images that zooms into you like riding from a rocket. It was bliss brought upon by an entirely different sensation.

Ria Jose

The 5th Mountain of Balakayo Adventure Park definitely gives people in Mindanao another option for a quick getaway on a weekend to enjoy with the whole family at close with nature and the thrill of conquering one's fear of flying in nothing but safe and thrilling manner.

Ria Jose

We spent half the day at the 5th Mountain and would want to stay longer - but that means there's reason to come back soon. I'm already looking forward to my next visit in General Santos and I'm already planning to go back in time for the Tuna Festival in September.

Cai Abass

It was an awesome day spent with new and old friends in a new place that provided new experiences to remember in a long time. It was my second time to join an introduction tour of a place (the first one was in Pangasinan in November 2010) and same with that one - I had a real blast joining other people in discovering and exploring a new place.