There’s no Porkchop at ‘Oh My Gulay’

I once tried to become a 'vegetarian' years ago and I lasted two meals. Last October I decided to try my luck again on eating healthy foods - It lasted me for two months before the gluttonous season of December forced me to abandon it and resort back to eating whatever that was served on the table. I could never eat pure vegetables alone, but I've realized that I could have a complete meal consisting of vegetables once in a while.


It can be once a week or in a month maybe. But, as I walked inside this food establishment in Baguio called "Oh My Gulay" I realized that one can be creative in cooking vegetable dishes that wont bore this meat loving, cholesterol seeking tongue of mine. I'm not really a person who searches out for healthy dining places when I visit a particular place, it's just that while in Baguio last weekend I asked my friend Gay Emami of "Pinay Travel Junky" for recommendations and she texted me to try "Oh My Gulay" and together with a friend off we went to this healthy diner located on the top floor of La Azotea Building along the lively Session Road.

Off we sat at the table near the window that provides a wonderful view of Baguio City, we came in at around 5:00 PM just as the sun was about to call it a day and the temperature has dropped a couple of degrees Celsius making it a bit colder so I hurriedly ordered a hot chocolate which was hot for a few sips before it became cold a few minutes later. 

The place has a rustic feel that projects a nature-like environment surrounded by artworks like paintings and other hand made crafts. There was a small pond with a short wooden bridge in the middle and a partial upper floor on the side of the open air windows.

Unlike any other dining places, just the atmosphere here is unique on its own and suitable for long dining experience over spirited conversation with your friends. While I was eating my mind was divided from transfixing its thoughts on the place and the disaster that unfolded in Japan. It was a fleeting moment wherein I conjured a thought that life can be taken away in countless manner that you just have to suck it up and enjoy each passing second to a degree that if merely hanging out in some hole in the wall place like this, will spark a bit of satisfaction. Then go for it. 

We ordered Talong Parmigiana, Chow Chow Noodles and Mansanas crepe for dessert. Just like what Gay Emami told us to order. I'm a good follower especially when ordering food in a restaurant. I can never be a good food critic since I seldom see a dish I don't like. Most of the time if its better than my mom's cooking then I'd give it a thumbs up. My mom is a bad cook anyway, probably the only bad thing one can say about her. Hi Mom!
Anyway, the food came after a few minutes of waiting although I didn't got bored waiting as I was just staring down at the view of the city. It was so throbbing with activity you wonder how on Earth, a city like Baguio which was originally designed to be inhabited by 100,000 people grew this big and possibly has a million residents by now.

The food arrived and it lasted a few minutes before the waiter was taking our empty plates away. I felt my starvation has gone to another dimension and was close to committing mass farting, but since it was all veggie, I never felt bloated unlike when I eat pork, chicken of any of those fastfood meals. I guess that's the upside of eating vegetables, It doesn't make you feel heavy but it gives a lighter feeling making you think you're just about ready to do all sort of stuff including yoga and some break dance moves.

It was a great dining experience for me and my friend Kristine, as we engaged over in between 'goat-like chewing' conversation of topics ranging from the Tsunami, solo travels, other people's dirty little secrets to the violent health hazards of fast food meals.

You can't find a porkchop listed on the menu of "Oh My Gulay" but what you'll find is a long list of must try vegetable dishes that will make you think twice if you're killing yourself to death by neglecting sumptuous meals that comes from the soil of the Earth.


Afterwards, we left and went walking along Session Road. I always love walking along the crowded Session Road whenever I find myself in Baguio.


This is my entry to the July 2011 edition of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers' Blog Carnival. The theme for July 2011 is "Awesome Food Experience While Traveling In The Philippines", hosted by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet.