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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nomadic Portraits: An Old Man in Baguio

I took this photograph of an old man smoking his pipe while walking around Burnham Park in Baguio City. My attention was grabbed by the deep, striking and detailed lines on his face which represented years of living (dangerously perhaps?) and amassing experiences known only to him. It was like seeing medal decorations on the chest of a military officer with each scar-like lines representing the battles he fought in the arena of life.

I could only wonder what kinds of battles he fought through his long life and to remain such a striking figure even without trying and still produces that captivating presence by standing out amidst a crowded place. Here he spends the remainder of his years huffing from his cool pipe probably reliving his glorious past, or maybe he's still at it and his battles ranges on and was just taking his 15 minute break huffing much needed smokes to get away temporarily from the madness that surrounds him and in this quiet solemn moments, the old man has come to appreciate the beauty of life in such laid back and simple pleasures.


Batang Lakwatsero said...

behind those lines in his face, a priceless story. parang gusto ko po siyang interbyuhin :)

Markyramone said...

Yeah, nice idea he might shed more info bout the legend of the Golden Buddha hehe

tina said...

i don't know why, pero when it comes to old people, medjo soft ako. hehe. I just don't like seeing them na nahihirapan or wat. Aun lang :)

Markyramone said...

@Tina, same here but I also admire their resiliency, everything was tougher during their time yet young people nowadays tend to complain more than them :)

Bonzenti [Con Tour] said...

Once I saw old people, I always remember my Lolo who fought during World War II as guerilla. He was one of the guerillas who made us become a freeman of today's generation. For all the old men in this world, we owe from them on what we are now. That's our connection and affinity from them. Nice one marky.

Markyramone said...

I agree kuya Bonz, I think that my generation can do awesome things and STILL come up short compared with the generation of Filipinos who fought in WWII, ibang sacrifice, heroism and sufferings ang na experience nila para sa bansa naten.

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