Super Moon Rising Over Apo Reef

"I clambered over mounds and mounds /Of polystyrene foam / And fell into a swimming pool / Filled with fairy snow / And watched the world turn day-glo / you know you know / The world turned day-glo you know" 
 - The World Turned Day-glo by X-Ray Spex

Last Saturday a natural phenomenon called "Supermoon" unfolded and afforded us all a sight of the moon larger than it used to be during ordinary nights. The so called "Supermoon" event happens when the full moon coincides at a time when both the Earth and the Moon is at closest point to each other. There are about four to six times of "supermoon" happening each year, but last Saturday was considered as an "extreme case of Supermoon" which has only happened 10 times since 1950.

Saturday, while we were lounging at our camp site at Apo Reef off the coast of Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro, the bright full moon provided us with decent lighting that resembles a lamp. It was a marvelous sight with the full moon shining brightly over us and reflecting against the water of the vast sea in front of us.

In a few moments I saw the world turned day-glo, like a moribund zombie awaking from a deep slumber in the early hours of the next morning, I saw the moon just as it was about to set and it was the opposite of a sunset, less brighter than the sun but even better in apparition of ordinary sunsets.

Slowly it sinks deeper and deeper against the horizon of the sea and the eerie quiet tides provides a decomposing soundtrack, the gravitational pull of it, that got people worried about in light of recent Tsunami in Japan was non-existent, if ever, the only pull it has managed was in my consciousness and reaffirmed my belief that the world is such a special place with a vast series of "coincidences" happening for life to prosper and such phenomenon to occur and amaze us to no end.

Till the next Supermoon, until then I'd gladly live the life of a bloke flowing against the wave, riding a crest over the horizon into the unknown and embracing all new things as if whispers from a long lost concubine.