Enjoying Quietude at Ticao Island Resort | Ticao Island, Masbate


The mood that pervades this hidden getaway is probably similar to what the Gods of Travel would have recommended to you after a day of diving and island hopping around the magical seas of Ticao Island. Slipped inside a cove in the town of San Jacinto and dotted with tall coconut trees, Ticao Island Resort dishes a laid-back atmosphere that is serene and full of Zen, just as a tropical island should be. Away from the crowd and almost free from any network signal, one can easily embrace the sense of isolation that exists on this part of the island. 

Lorelee Sicat

I could already visualize the resort's pleasant backdrop as our boat, which was made up of fellow travel writers and vloggers, members of the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines and staff of Bicol Region tourism office, steadily approached it. While I could use an internet connection to catch up on some work, I appreciated the almost zilch connectivity to the outside world. I say almost because anyone who raises their phone near the water on the shore can receive a few messages in their messenger inbox. 

Mikaela Ayeera Kisido

Save from the aforementioned emergency signal location, I adore how Ticao Island Resort appears to be isolated from the rest of the world. As the sky began to darken with reddish tones and the reflection of the sky on the placid waters slowly vanished, one by one we disembarked from our boats only to be greeted by the resident dogs and the amiable staff of the resort. 

Mishi Magno

After receiving my key, I immediately walked to my assigned room, which turned out to be one of the beachfront cabanas that caught my eye while on the boat. Constructed mostly of wooden materials, it features a queen-sized bed, side tables, a working desk, TV, a clothing drying rack, safety box and a spacious bathroom.

Marky Ramone Go

The nipa-thatched roof and the balcony decked out in a hammock draw your attention from the outside since they are typical of a traditional Filipino island home. Simple yet cozy and surrounded by breathable space, and in Ticao Island Resort's case, additionally, it comes with a  fantastic view of the waters of Ticao Pass.

Kezia Romblon

Even though our time here was quite brief, it was enough to convince me to yearn of returning in the near future. Hopefully, I'll have my diving certification and equipment with me so I may witness the renowned schools of manta rays that are frequently sighted underwater in Ticao and Masbate Pass.

Milet Miranda and Anne Gumiran

Our group bonded over a feast of a buffet dinner that included a lechon, reveling at the amazing day we had spent on exploring the island's various attractions. from the Halea National Park to the 100-foot plus Catandayagan Falls that drains straight into the ocean. 

Celine Murillo and Gretchen Filart

I immediately went to sleep after a fun-filled day of swimming and snorkeling, only to wake up the next morning to the golden rays of the rising sun. As fleeting as our visit at the Ticao Island Resort was, I suppose, I will return.