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As a frequent guest of Azalea’s Baguio property, I already have an inkling of what to expect at their Boracay location. Still, upon our arrival, I was taken aback by the niceties of the layout that blends perfectly with the vibe of the island. The wide entrance highlighted by the globe fountain and centerpiece quickly arrested my attention. The available space creates an additional charm befitting the post-modern architecture of the five-story establishment bursting with appealing lines and patterns. 

Jen Contreras

While first impression is a hit so far from the smooth check-in procedure and the smiling faces of the friendly staff, I inch slowly towards the elevator with my eyes gazing around for more aesthetics to capture—which I found aplenty—until I opened the door to my room.

Levy Amosin

Living up to the Azalea branding, my room has everything one would need. It has an Airbnb feel to it, like a real residence as opposed to a traditional hotel room where you would just relax, sleep and repeat. The presence of a small kitchen space—something that sets Azalea apart from most hospitality brands—dishes a homey ambiance that gives you an additional activity when you retire back to your room. Can you guess what it could be? Yes, cooking your own food.

Mara Gavan

I understand the question “Why cook your own food when traveling?”, I guess, being on the road exposes one to a myriad of cuisine that sometimes you want to try preparing it yourself the soonest possible. What better way to imitate some of Boracay’s best dishes than right in your own hotel room. Which we did when our friends from Azalea organized a cook-off among us party of travel writers.

MasterChef Azalea

After our friends from Azalea toured us around the property, they divided us into two groups and were given a set of ingredients for us to come up with an appetizing dish worthy of being served in one of Boracay's many restaurants. Indeed, it was ala-MasterChef challenge.

Where to stay in Boracay

After a few minutes discussing what we want to cook, we came up with what we call "Chicken ala Jonah's with pineapple and coconut cream" — a homage to one of Boracay's iconic drink stand, Jonah's Fruit shake. The other team came up with a simple fried chicken dish garnished with puree and creamy sauce on the side.

Sky Gavin

It was most of all, a friendly competition so the judges awarded both teams as the winners. After the challenge, I appreciated this added feature of Azalea’s rooms as it would be exciting to mimic some of Boracay’s popular dishes in your own room after making a morning visit to the market or chancing upon local fishermen selling their fresh morning catch.

Boracay after all, isn’t only a place to learn watersport activities such as wind surfing, scuba diving or socializing, it is also a place to kick-start your culinary journey by training yourself to come up with a signature dish.

The Restful Vibe of Azalea Boracay

Thanks to a very relaxed three-day itinerary, I found time exploring the rest of Azalea Boracay. I found a quiet spot on the rooftop near the swimming pool on our first afternoon just as the sun was setting (we witnessed the next day’s sunset on board a Paraw boat). Despite being fond of their Baguio property (stayed there several times already), I would say I prefer the Boracay location more.

I was billeted inside a Deluxe Room which has a space of 30 square meters and has two beds good for 2 adults and 1 child. My room has a small sofa bed, a work desk, side table, a refrigerator, microwave, kettle and an induction stove (cooking ware and utensils are stored in a drawer).

Sophie Gianan

Azalea Boracay also offers larger room choices ranging from one to three-bedroom suites. Capping up your stay at Azalea Baguio is the gastronomic fare being served at their in-house restaurant Kuya J.

Marjorie Duran

Although Azalea Boracay is not located on the stretch of fine white sands fronting Boracay’s crystal clear waters, it is only a couple of hundred meters away from the Station 2.

Azalea, It's Okay Yeah

From the visually pleasing selections of interior color tones to the bright ambiance of the surrounding lush with greens and white palette, Azalea easily evokes an island feel that would make every guest feel at home. I've stayed at several hotels around the island before and I wouldn't mind staying again in Azalea if given a chance to go back to the island.

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