The Chiseled Wall and Gushing Curtain of Pongour Waterfall | Da Lat, Vietnam

As I was walking around downtown Da Lat, I picked up a flyer about an Easy Rider tour taking travelers on a motorcycle exploration of the countryside. I’m not one to easily shell money on tour packages, but I figured I can easily sightsee the outskirts of Da Lat as a passenger on the back of a Vietnamese Dennis Hopper.  I couldn’t text the number as I don’t have any local sim card. Fortunately, my hostel—Da Lat Homestay—offers the same tour. Along with the other guests, who all turned out to be Israelis, I signed up for the Easy Rider the next day.

Waterfalls in Vietnam

Easy Riding through the Countryside

Da Lat sits 4,900 feet above sea level in the southern part of Vietnam’s central highlands, giving it a cool climate most of the year. I found the December morning wind chill of about 14 °C too cold to embrace especially aboard a speeding motorcycle. However, as soon as we rolled smoothly over the snaking roads of the mountainside and the colorful sunflower fields and terraced coffee farms greeted my sight, I became unbothered by the cold.

Desa Tayting

We stopped by at various coffee, tea plantations, a handmade noodle factory, the Elephant falls, a couple of temples, a mushroom farm throughout the day. As fascinating as our pit-stops were, Pongour Waterfalls is hands down, the highlight of the day.

Sophie Gianan

As someone who have seen some of the best waterfalls in the Philippines, the idea of visiting a new one still excites me. Although the spilling waters of Pongour is of chocolate-colored contrasting the glass-like streams from the waterfalls back home, its tall and wide chiseled walls bless it with an edgy appearance.

Impenetrable Water Shutters of Pongour

Like a ticket booth shutting its window at the strike of closing time, the multi-level cascades of Pongour waterfalls drops like curtains over its nature-fashioned wall spread lengthily like a theater stage.

Katrina Arceta

Along the small gaps of the rampaging fresh water, one can see the wall glistening with golden hue while being kissed by the sheen of the sun. The rest of the wall appear to be covered by draperies as if preventing the exposure of the impressive chiseled-job by Mother Nature.

Reese Belarmino

Since swimming and even taking a dip is currently not allowed, I opted to take a sit on a large boulder and stared intently at the whole span of Pongour Waterfalls. As I listen to the sound of the flowing waters, I imagine a harmonic orchestra playing a melodious score as the curtains of Pongour Waterfalls drops one after the another, letting us, the audience, feel its hydraulic power and mesmerize at its sheer beauty.