Beautiful Lakes in the Philippines Perfect for Nature and Chill


Every lake belongs to the quietness desired by the swans”, poet Munia Khan wrote. Her description mirrors what we collectively sense about this body of water existing under the shadows of big-swell oceans and streaming rivers. Lakes dishes a different vibe far from the seas we’ve accustomed to visiting in our geographically-gifted, archipelagic country. The stillness of its natural pool of fresh water provides a tranquil atmosphere coupled by the lush greens that usually surrounds it. Therefore, if you are wandering around the Philippines, a jaunt to one of these lakes shall instantly give you a memorable travel experience.

Marky Ramone Go

Lake Apo (Valencia, Bukidnon)

Sara Abdollahi

This small circling body of water screams of serenity and abounds with Earthly loveliness calling for a moment of quiet contemplation. Situated in the city of Valencia reachable by a short habal-habal ride threading across a picturesque farm of sugarcanes and into a lush forest. Walk barefoot over its natural grown lawn grass and into the cool, fresh and still-water. An afternoon dip and a simple picnic by the lake will surely gift you with a wonderful day.

Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake (Zambales and Tarlac)

Aly Barzaga

Carved by a force of nature that resulted into one of the most destructive volcanic eruptions of all-time, the Mount Pinatubo crater now appears as a beautiful natural work of art. A rich hue of blue-green water now fills this famous lake that attracts travelers and even geologists from all over the world – all curious to see how a freak of nature could cause such wonderful aftermath.

The 7 Lakes of San Pablo City (Laguna)

Cathy Marzo

An orgy of crater lakes dotting the lush meadows of San Pablo City in Laguna consisting of the twin lakes of Pandin and Yambo, Sampaloc, Muhikap, Lake Calibato, Palakpakin and Bunot, are one of the main tourist draws of the province of Laguna. Spend a day boarding a bamboo raft over Lake Pandin while diving and swimming into its fresh water. Finish it off with a sumptuous lunch consisting of fish caught from the lake itself.

Lake Bulusan (Bulusan, Sorsogon)

Clarice Capili

Enclosed by the Bulusan Volcano National Park, Lake Bulusan situates right at the foot of the famed volcano. Also, a home to endemic species of freshwater fish and a number of colorful birds and other mammals, kayaking over the glass-like waters of this lake gives you an unmatched nature bonding experience.

Kayangan Lake (Coron, Palawan)

Emily Rose Rosales

An elevated fresh water lake situated in the middle of the gorgeous ocean and islets surrounding the peninsula of Coron, Palawan; Kayangan Lake remains the highlight of an unforgettable island-hopping tour around this part of Palawan. A short hike will deliver travelers to a gleaming and solid green-colored water encapsulated by towering karst peaks and thick forests. The bursting visual spectacle will leave you dropping your jaw and dipping your body into its crystal-clear waters in no time.

Lake Sebu and Lake Holon (South Cotabato)

South Cotabato is blessed to have two stunning lakes gifted with striking natural wonders. Lake Sebu rests adjacent to a cascading series of seven waterfalls and engages adventurers to a zipline ride of a lifetime by shooting them half a kilometer long over the tallest waterfalls.

Levy Amosin, Celine Murillo, Gretchen Filart

Lake Holon demands extra effort of reaching as it requires hours of rigid hiking through a dense mountain. Upon arrival though, one instantly feels the worthiness of the whole undertaking as the sweeping view of the lake makes you appreciate the grandeur of Mother Nature. Camp for the night and enjoy the starry skies while you listen to the hymns of the solitude this lake brings.

Lake Lumot in Cavinti, Laguna

Jackie Meneses

Situated next town to Lake Caliraya, Lake Lumot is smaller but dishes a more isolated vibe perfect for a quick socially-distanced getaway with nature. Its calm water is ideal for a morning kayak and shallow lakefront shores are great for an afternoon swim. Dotted around the lake are secluded lake houses, quaint resorts and glamping sites—each offering a sheltered abode surrounded only by lush nature of swaying trees, blooming flowers and the chirps of birds and quacks of ducks.