Lake Bulusan: Where Bad Folks Don’t Go

According to the Meat Puppets, bad folks end up in a lake of fire. The good folks, though end up in some scenic lake elsewhere. I have reasons to feel like we were a bunch of good folks heading to Bulusan Volcano Natural Park that day. Accompanied by the humble Mayor Ronel Lim of Gubat, Sorsogon and a day removed from kick starting the book sharing project. We set foot and gazed our eyes at this body of water covered by a lush forest. The calm presence of this lake presents a stunning contrast to a force of nature situated beside it. Lake Bulusan is located at the foot of Mount Bulusan, a still active volcano which stands 5,135 feet and last erupted in February 2011.

The sky was overcast with tiny specks of sunlight seeping through the tiny holes in the clouds, as if its torn between providing rain or sunshine. We proceeded anyway, boarding each kayak boats by pair. The water was still, and paddling around the scenic lake was like a - well kayak in the park. I saw birds flying over us and into the thick forest. The sounds of various creatures echoes off vicariously throughout and reverberate enough just to give you a metaphysical experience. The back of my head throbs just a little, as if feeling out the stares of a thousand unseen pair of eyes, from earthly-creatures hanging from tree branches, while we kayak. It surely feels like the whole place is beaming with life both seen and unseen. *twilight zone soundtrack*

Also home to endemic species of fresh water fish, the water starts out colored green and gets darker when it gets deeper due to its mixture of muddy and rocky waterbed. Swimming provides additional thrill as you won't see anything, but could only feel slimy things touching your legs from below. It's not hard to imagine some ravenous underwater monster prowling underneath you.

I'm a water person even though I could not swim to save my life. I've been to many lakes around the Philippines and Bulusan Lake is one of the few I wouldn't mind going back to over and over again. Which we did, after the successful opening of the Rizal Elementary School Library in Gubat, Sorsogon. This time we were composed of a larger group thrown inside a convoy of two jeepneys. On my second time in Bulusan Lake, I did the kayaking once again with Lauren and Christine aboard a two-person raft which had us mastering the art of balancing so as not to flip over. 

A lake at the heart of the 3,673 hectares Bulusan Volcano National Park, a volcanic peak enticing you for a energy-sapping-but-worth-it-trek and a wealth of flora and fauna all creates a very engaging place to visit.