Spyder Surge: Biking Around Marikina Semi - Gangnam Style

I always wanted to buy another bike since my last one was stolen at our then home in Pasig, by a member of the "Spiderman Club" a few years ago. (sings Queen's "Bicycle Race") One of my best friend, Don is an avid biker and I am itching to join him on one of his biking jaunt around the Metro and nearby provinces such as Rizal, Laguna, Batangas, Bulacan, Pampanga and Zambales. While my stamina is 500 miles away from being back to tip top shape, I tried going around the island of Siquijor on a bicycle in February of this year. I lasted a few miles before my legs gave up on me. That experience though, reminded me of the joy of riding a bike en route to anywhere, whether its in a bustling city like Marikina and Makati or a scenic countryside like in Siquijor. For good or ill, I will save up for a bicycle in the neccesarily near- future. As the lady from the office of the Marikina Bikeways aptly says "A bicycle on the road is one less car off the road". You can't get any eco-friendly transporting from one place to another than that.

Photo credit: Jun Reynales of  http://photographedbyjunreynales.blogspot.com/

When Spyder Philippines sent out word of a cycling event they were organizing called "Spyder Surge: Answering the Call of Adventure", in cooperation with the Marikina Bikeways and the Firefly Brigade, I quickly expressed my desire to participate. Come the day of the event itself, despite a gloomy weather which was then quickly turning into a raging "Habagat" that rendered most of Metro Manila underwater a few days after. I found myself together with other friends in Marikina waiting for the event to start and pedal to the road, the cool mountain bikes Spyder Philippines lent to us for the day.

Before we hit the bike-friendly streets of Marikina City, Mr. Sanjay Chatlani, Spyder Philippine’s Vice President for Marketing and Product Development talked about his company's desire to continually promote activities such as this, to encourage many people to consider biking as an alternative transportation method and promote the importance of attaining a cleaner and greener environment. Other speakers included Ms. Mia Bunao of The Firefly Brigade and Ms. Carlota Contreras, Head of Marikina Bikeways

Photo Credit: Angel Juarez of  http://www.lakwatsero.com/
A soft sweltering drizzle from the sky started to pour when we started our bicycle ride. Forming a straight line and rolling along the bike lanes of Marikina City, we captured the attention of motorists and other pedestrians. Geared up by Spyder Philippines' jersey, helmet and shades products, we were able to easily navigate the 10 kilometer route with such ease. I realized, if I happen to work within a 5-12 kilometer distance from my home, I will definitely use a bicycle going to and from the office. As Ms. Carlota Contreras said later on, one doesn't need to ride a bike and pedal like a lunatic. A chill down biking experience will do the job, just as we did that day riding a bike around Marikina City.

Group shot at Pan de Amerikana in Marikina
As we passed by Marikina River, which that time was already on the verge of overflowing, I sensed a new kind of love affair with the bicycle. While I regret not being able to quickly replace my stolen bike, I told myself that before the year or the first quarter of next year ends, I will have to score myself a bicycle, and some cool biking gears from Spyder Philippines. 

We wrapped up the fun experience by having lunch at Pan de Amerikana branch in Marikina City. The place is not only famous for its pandesal, it is also known for having a giant sized chess board complete with chess pieces, where anyone can play a match of chess Harry Potter style.